Karnataka PGCET Exam Syllabus for Chemical Engineering

Post Graduate Common Entrance Test

(PGCET) for admission to M.E/M.Tech/M.Arch course in Karnataka

Visvesvaraya Technological University

“Jnana Sangma”‘  Machhe, Belgaum 590 014




1. Process Calculations: Units and Standards, material and energy balance, humidity and saturation and combustion.

2. Fluid Mechanics: Fluid statics, incompressible flow through conduits, flow meters, flow past immersed bodies, transportation of fluids.

3. Mechanical Operations: Size analysis, reduction and separation, filteration, agitation and material handling.

4. Thermodynamics: First and Second law of thermodynamics, PVT relations, thermodynamic relations, phase equilibria and reaction equilibria

5. Heat Transfer: Conduction, convection, heat exchangers, steady and unsteady state heat transfer and radiation.

6. Mass Transfer: Diffusion, convective mass transfer, gas liquid contactors, distillation, absorption, adsorption, leaching, drying, evaporation, crystallization.

7. Reaction Kinetics: Theories of reaction rates; kinetics of homogeneous reactions, interpretation of kinetic data, single and multiple reactions in ideal reactors, non-ideal reactors; residence time; non-isothermal reactors; kinetics of heterogeneous catalytic reactions; diffusion effects in catalysis.

8. Process Control: Measurement of process variables; sensors, transducers and their dynamics, dynamics of simple systems, dynamics such as CSTRs, transfer functions and responses of simple systems, process reaction curve, controller modes (P, PI, and PID); control valves; analysis of closed loop systems including stability, frequency response (including Bode plots) and controller tuning, cascade, feed forward control.

9. Pollution Control Engineering: Waste Water Treatment, Air pollution treatment, Solid Waste Treatment, Noise Control.

10. Process Industries: Water, Industrial Gases: Co2, H2, O2, N2, Water Gas, and shift Gas, Sulfur: SO2, SO3, Acids: Surfuic, Hydrochloric and Phosporic Acids. Fertilizers: Ammonia, Urea, Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium Nittrate, Ammonium Phosphate, Ammonium Sulfate, DAP, Concept of Sustained and Solubilised Fertilizer and Formulation, Potash Fertilizers, Bio-Fertilizers. Coal tar distillation and Chemicals from coal. Oils, Fats, and Waxes, Soaps and Pulp and Paper, Sugar and Starch Industries, Fermatation Industried, Peroleum Industries – Constituts of crude petroleum, refining and processing, polymers and Rubber.