Study tips for class XII board exam: How to make the most out of the remaining three months

Now that you have only two and a half months left till your class XII board exams, the time has come when you must ensure that each minute you spend studying, yields a positive impact on your overall preparations. There’s no time left to waste – simple as that!

How to Study for your Class XII Board Exams ?


In this Video , Sahil Khanna, Director – Genesis Educates, explains on How to prepare a study plan for your Board Exam Preparation and what all points to consider

No need to panic though – we are not suggesting that you should spend the greater part of the day studying, because – let’s face it – that’s not going to help in any way. In fact, what you would eventually need is some strategic planning so as to make the most out of this remaining period effectively and efficiently.

Remember, it’s the first time since class X boards when you will be appearing in a major subjective exam. And considering the far reaching impact it has, class XII boards can be justifiably termed as one of the most important exams you will be facing in your entire student life. So, in order to help you streamline your study schedule in the coming two and a half months, we have come up with the following tips and tricks that can help you boost your preparations to a whole new level.

Focus on the Boards

First and foremost, you must shift your focus entirely to the boards in this period. However, that does not necessarily mean that you will be sidelining your preparations for the entrance exams that’ll follow. This is because, apparently the more you make yourself familiar with the syllabus, the easier it becomes for you to take your preparations to the next level (i.e. for entrance tests) in the post-boards period.

Execute your plans step-by-step

The next most important thing to remember would be – it’s perfectly okay if you can not cover your entire syllabus till the pre-boards. However, make sure that you thoroughly study somewhere around 80 per cent of it in order to ensure that just a revision of that part of the syllabus will be more than enough to brush up your preparations. As for the remaining 20 per cent, you will have abundant time in January and February to thoroughly study that part.

Analyze your performance in the pre-boards

Also, after the results of the pre boards are declared, you will have a better insight into your strength and weaknesses. Therefore, make it a point to analyze your performance in the pre-boards and leave no stones unturned to adequately address all scopes of improvement.

Mock tests

Self evaluate your preparations with the help of mock tests one or two weeks before the exam. Try at least two such mock tests per subject and make sure that they are timed well. For example, don’t sit on these mock tests late at night, or in the early morning. Instead, try and schedule them in the same way as the actual exam. This may sound crazy or irrelevant to you now, but trust us – doing so will eventually boost your mental readiness to a whole new level.

Plan your daily time table

Last but not the least; avoid late night study sessions. Try and sleep early – preferably at around 12 to 1 am and wake up at around 8:30. Make this your daily routine. Eat healthy – and don’t spend too much time in front of the television or computer – the idea here is to allow your brain and eyes to rejuvenate from time to time.