Ques: How to prepare for Personal Interviews after Group Discussions (MBA admission) ?


There are certain points one should keep in mind during Personal Interviews after Group Discussions, they are:

  • Stick to precise, honest answers which sound convincing, at least to you if not to the interviewer. Writing down such answers helps in the long run.
  • You must also ensure that the answers to different questions are consistent with each other. For example, if you say that you are interested in a career in marketing, you should not say that you want to do an MBA because you like finance.
  • And of course, once you write an answer, make sure you stick to it in the interview. Formulating the answers to all the question will also help you in other Personal Interviews, because these form of questions tend to be repeatedly asked across different PIs.
  • Once you spend time in coming up with answers, you can use it as a blue-print for other interviews as well. It is recommended that the answers be framed over multiple sittings, since next morning always provides a fresher perspective on your answers.
  • Try to imagine yourself in the interviewer’s shoes and think how he will interpret your answers. It is a very good idea to discuss your answers with a couple of outsiders.
  • And finally and very importantly, please do not make any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your answers – nothing you write can be worse than that.



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