Character Sketch of Chuck Hooper, Marcy and Duke from class 9 Communicative English Chapter 2 A Dog Named Duke


Character Sketch of Chuck Hooper

Charles Hooper, tall and handsome, a zone manager for a chemical company, was a man of remarkable courage. He met with an accident and got a subdural haemorrhage, paralysing his left side completely. But he mustered courage to adapt himself to the new, unavoidable situation. He demonstrated great perseverance while he was struggling for survival with the help of his dog, Duke. The road to recovery was a long and painful process – but Hooper never lost hope. It was his courage and belief that helped him recover from his misery and resume his duty in his office. Impressed by his great willpower and doggedness the company promoted him to a higher rank. The faith and endurance that he shows is truly commendable.


A Dog Named Duke Overview – In this story the writer tells how a dog named Duke helps his master who has been paralysed in his left side after an accident. The way he does it has been described in great detail. The master is able to move a few steps on his own and resumes his duty in his office. But unfortunately the dog who enables his master to live a respectable life gets badly wounded in an accident. It was immediately taken to hospital but the poor dog dies the next day.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Chuck Hooper

Q1. How would Hooper’s life be if Duke were not there?


Character Sketch of Marcy

Marcy has been depicted as an ideal wife in the story. She stands by her husband during his very tough time after the accident and the ensuing paralytic recovery. She exhibits supreme patience and ideal values of a responsible wife. She doesn’t show her grief in front of Hooper lest it further make him more miserable. Though not a dog lover herself, she takes good care of Duke after Hooper’s accident. She is sensitive to the great dog’s unique qualities. She is grateful to Duke for helping her husband be on his own. And at the end, when Duke is knocked over by a car, she immediately rushes him to the hospital; she is very much concerned about Duke. And finally the loss of Duke deeply affects her.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Marcy

Q1. Marcy attends to Chuck and Duke. What can you infer about her character?


Character Sketch of Duke

Duke was a rough-playing Doberman pinscher. Four years old, 23 Kilos. His coat was red with a fawn vest. When Chuck comes home from the hospital after the accident, Duke feels that his master has difficulty in walking. He played a very significant role in bringing Chuck out of his critical condition. He was an extraordinary dog having special qualities and was the one who helped Chuck to increase his stability and endurance. Like a clever physiotherapist he begins to exercise his master. He would take Chuck for a walk along the street, increasing the target every day.  But unfortunately, he gets badly wounded in an accident and loses his life.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Duke

Q1. What was the role of Duke in Chuck Hooper’s life?
Q2. What services did the dog give in the survival of Chuck Hooper?