Character Sketch of Juliette, Maid, Gaston, Jeanne and Mrs Al Smith from class 9 Communicative English Drama 1 Villa for Sale


Character Sketch of Juliette

Juliette is depicted as being highly anxious about the possibility of selling her villa. Despite her strong attachment to the villa,  she wants to sell it at hundred thousand francs for some personal financial reasons. She is quite a polite and amiable woman who does not easily become irritated. She even ignores the maid’s insulting remark. She has artistic tastes as she doesn’t want to sell Corot’s painting along with the villa. She is a good business woman as she describes the qualities of the villa to Gaston and Jeanne quite impressively. However, she is a little naive in business dealings as she doesn’t suspect Gaston’s abrupt change of heart about purchasing her villa. If she would have been a little more clever, she could have sold the villa at a higher price.


Villa for Sale Overview – The play is set in a suburban area of Paris, France. A lady, Juliette has put up her villa for sale. As it is at a good location, she had expected a better response from buyers. There is a buyer for the villa, a couple named Jeanne and Gaston. Jeanne, the lady, is interested in buying the villa whereas Gaston, her husband, is opposed to the idea. As Jeanne goes around the villa, Gaston chances to meet another prospective buyer, an American actress, Mrs. Al Smith. She is in a hurry and so, hands him a cheque of 3,00,000 francs, the price of the villa, mistaking him to be the owner. The business – minded Gaston is happy to have struck a good deal and earns 1,00,000 francs as the amount fixed for the purchase of the villa between his wife and the owner is 2,00,000 francs.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Juliette

Q1. Juliette ignores the mockery done by her maid. What can you infer about her character?


Character Sketch of Maid

The maid in the drama is quite an ambitious and talented woman. She has a yearning to become as famous as Greta Garbo. Since she is paid 400 francs per month by Juliette, She is able to obtain work as a small performer at JoinVille Studio for which she will be paid hundred francs a morning. She is rudely straightforward. She does not hesitate telling her mistress that she has an amusing face. She often offers to get Juliette a role in the movie she is acting in.  


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Maid 

  1. The maid works at the studio in addition to her job at the villa. What quality can be seen in her?
  2. How does the maid offer to help Juliette?


Character Sketch of Gaston

Gaston was a street-smart, clever, pragmatic Frenchman, who knew the art of seizing any opportunity that came his way. He possessed a very clear approach to living. He firmly informed his wife that he would not purchase the villa when he entered it at her request to only look at it. However, when Jeanne was looking at the first floor of the estate, Gaston outsmarted Mrs. Al Smith, the pompous American woman who thought the French were an.inferior race. He not only succeeded in purchasing the villa for the benefit of his wife’s happiness, but he also managed to earn a huge profit out of the deal for himself. He was very smart indeed. He was a better businessman in comparison to Juliette.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Gaston

Q1. Gaston entered a deal with Mrs Smith although he did not own the villa. What qualities did he possess which led to his success?


Character Sketch of Jeanne 

Jeanne is an idealistic person. She wants to buy a villa so that her parents can come and stay with her and she thinks Gaston will fall in with her wishes. She is naive enough to believe Gaston has changed his mind when he says he wants to buy the villa.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Jeanne 

Q1. Elaborate on the characters of Jeanne and Gaston. What difference between their characters can be seen? 


Character Sketch of Mrs. Al Smith

Mrs. Al Smith was an American woman who appeared to be always in a hurry. She enters the villa hastily in the hopes of buying it right away, and she makes many mistakes due to her haste. She is an impatient woman who wants the possession of the things she likes at any cost. In her hurry she mistakes Gaston for the owner’s husband, and Gaston very cleverly seizes the opportunity of striking a profitable deal with her. Although she seems to be adequately wealthy, her common sense is somewhat lacking. A Frenchman who she is so critical of outwits her!