The Full form of WHO is World Health Organization. It is a specialized organization of the United Nations that aims to promote public health globally. It is concerned with the public health, internationally and aims to ensure healthier future for people across the world. It has offices in more than 150 countries and it works in collaboration with governments, non-government organizations and other partners to improve the health of the people.

WHO was actively involved in the cure and eradication of smallpox since its inception. At present, it is working to cure and prevent infectious diseases like influenza and HIV and non-communicable ones like cancer, lungs, heart and kidney problems. It is also concerned with quality of water, air, vaccines, medicines, etc. WHO has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and was established on 7th April 1948. It is also the member of the UNDP (United Nations Development Group).

India is also a member state of South East Asia Region of the WHO. Mr. Henk Bekedam is the WHO Representative of India as of November 2015. The major functions of WHO are to provide leadership on global health matters, to shape and guide the health related research agenda, improving nutrition, sanitation, work and house environment and developing international standards for food, vaccines, medicine and related products.