The full form of USSR is Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. It was a federal sovereign state that existed in Northern region of Europe and Asia from 1922 to 1991. It was a one-party state and was ruled by the Communist party. Moscow was its capital. It had five climatic zones: Mountains, Tundra, desert, steppes and taiga. It had a total of eleven time zones. The USSR came into existence after the 1917 Russian revolution was culminated which had successfully overthrew Tsar Nicholas II. Therefore, the USSR was also considered as the successor of the Russian Empire. It came into existence in Dec 1922. The countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and other Transcaucasian Republics were part of this union. The Bolshevik parties ruled USSR. It was based on one-party rule which is Communism. Vladmir Lenin and Joseph Stalin were few of the prominent leaders who ruled the country at its peak. USSR was a strong Industrial power. During the cold war era, it was one of the two countries apart from the US who dominated that era. USSR was also the first country to send a human into space in 1961, apart from launching the first satellite.