MBA Full Form

The Full form of MBA is Master of Business Administration. MBA is a postgraduate degree in business administration. The students who want to make their career in business management can opt for this course. Globalization, being one of the factors is also responsible for the popularity of this course. MBA course provides an individual an all round knowledge of running a business of different sizes and imparts high quality theoretical and practical concepts related to business management, experiential learning, critical thinking, leadership skills and develop a capability to reflect and analyze on regular basis. MBA is suppose to be a very practical program to train an individual because it gives practical exposure to run different kind of organizations something similar to a program to train a rookie to be a professional pilot. There are several types of MBA programs offered by universities in many countries, some of which are Full time MBA, Part time MBA, Accelerated MBA, PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management), Modular MBA, Executive MBA and Distance MBA. MBA course also offers various specializations in the field of Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Operations management, International Business, Rural Management, Agri-Business management and Health care management.

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