The Full form of LBS is Location Based Service. It is mobile device software used in accounting device’s geographical location. LBS uses device’s Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate a person’s location. When a person opts for this service, the service provider without any manual entry can track the location of the user itself. It has various uses in social networking sites. LBS have a variety of uses in areas such as personal life, entertainment, education, etc. For example, by using Location Based Service a user can inquire about the nearest restaurant, fuel station, hospital, etc from the respective location.

There are three kinds of locating methods which are: Control Panel Locating, GSM Locating, and Self-reported Location. In Control Panel Locating method, the user can find a position with the help of control panel based on radio signal delay of the closest cell-phone tower. In GSM Locating method, the user can find the location with the help of built-in GSM mobile phones. In Self-reported Location method, a person has to go through and locate himself on the map.

It is commonly known as check-in and also a low cost method. LBS can be used in a variety of things. Some of them are; Navigation, Emergency, Social media, Mobile location based gaming, etc.