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Full Form of LBS, What is the Full form of LBS?

The Full form of LBS is Location Based Service. It is mobile device software used in accounting device’s geographical location. LBS uses device’s Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate a person’s location. When a person opts for this service, the service provider without any manual entry can track the location of the user itself. It has various uses in social networking sites. LBS have a variety of uses in areas such as personal life, entertainment, education, etc. For example, by using Location Based Service a user can inquire about the nearest restaurant, fuel station, hospital, etc from the respective location.

There are three kinds of locating methods which are: Control Panel Locating, GSM Locating, and Self-reported Location. In Control Panel Locating method, the user can find a position with the help of control panel based on radio signal delay of the closest cell-phone tower. In GSM Locating method, the user can find the location with the help of built-in GSM mobile phones. In Self-reported Location method, a person has to go through and locate himself on the map.

It is commonly known as check-in and also a low cost method. LBS can be used in a variety of things. Some of them are; Navigation, Emergency, Social media, Mobile location based gaming, etc.


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