INSAT Full Form

The Full form of INSAT is Indian National Satellite System. Indian National Satellite System (INSAT) is a series of multipurpose Geo-stationary satellites launched by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for broadcasting, telecommunications, meteorology, search and rescue operations. Commissioned in 1983, INSAT is the largest domestic communication system in the Asia Pacific Region. It is a joint venture of the Department of Space, Department of Telecommunications, India Meteorological Department, All India Radio and Doordarshan. The overall management and coordination of INSAT system rests with the Secretary-level INSAT Coordination Committee. To serve the television and communication needs of India, INSAT satellites provide transponders in various bands (C, S, Extended C and Ku). Some of the satellites also have the Very High Resolution Radiometer (VHRR), CCD cameras for meteorological imaging. The satellites also incorporate transponder(s) for receiving distress alert signals for search and rescue missions in the South Asian and Indian Ocean Region, as ISRO is a member of the Cospas-Sarsat program.