The Full form of GUI is Graphical User Interface. GUI refers to an interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptop, and computers through graphic elements. It uses menus, icons, and other graphical audio indicators to display information, as opposed to text-based commands. The users are enable to give commands to the electronic device through graphic elements and select functions by using mouse or other input devices.

The most popular GUIs are Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows as of 2014. And, in the context of mobile devices, the Google’s Android and the Apple’s IOS Interface are the widely used GUIs. The basic components of a GUI includes; pointer, pointing device, icons, and desktop. A Pointer is a symbol that appears on the display screen of a computer. It can be moved to select objects and commands. A Pointing device allows a user to move the pointer and select objects on the screen, e.g. trackball or mouse.

The Icons refers to small images on the display screen that represent files, windows, commands, etc. Using pointing device and pointer, the user can execute these commands and the Desktop is the display screen that contains the icons.