PCS Full Form

The Full form of PCS is Provincial Civil Service. PCS is a state level civil service. Its employees are worked under the State Government and cannot be transferred to other states. Every state has its own public service commission which organizes a multi layer exam to select employees. It is also known as state civil service. PCS officers are appointed by the Governor of the state so they are under total control of the State Government. The state government has all the right to transfer, suspend and terminate them. The candidates are recruited by State Civil Services examination conducted by State Public Service Commission (SPSC). For administration of PCS, the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) established by the Central Government on specific request of concerned state government exercises original jurisdiction in relation to recruitment and all service matter of state government employees. The exams are conducted in three phases but emphasis is given on the factual aspect of questions rather than conceptual. State Civil Services Examination may or may not consist of CSAT paper and some states may have compulsory regional Language paper or the statistics paper.