The Full form of EMAIL is Electronic Mail. E-Mail is a method of exchanging or transmitting messages between users over electronic devices. Typically the messages (mail) are notes entered from the keyboard or computer files stored on disk. Most minicomputers, mainframes, and computer networks have an email system. Some Electronic Mail (E-Mail) systems are confined to a single network or computer system, but others have gateways to other electronic devices or computer systems, enabling users to send E-Mail anywhere in the world.

Today, most of the companies make extensive use of E-Mail as it is flexible, fast, and reliable. Most of the E-Mail systems provide basic formatting, font colour, including bold, italics, and HTML. A user can use the program to send the message (mail) to a recipient by specifying the recipient’s E-Mail address. He can also send the same message to multiple users anywhere in the world at once. This is also called as broadcasting. Messages sent by the sender are stored in Electronic-Mail boxes until the recipient fetches them.

The user may have to check his electronic mailbox periodically to see if he has any mail, although most of the systems alert the user when mail is received. After reading the mail, user can store it in a document or text file, forward it to others, or delete it.