University of West Bengal MCA Entrance Exam Syllabus

JECA: Question Paper will have two parts

Part – I: Objective type questions on Aptitude Test (100 marks)

Time: One hour

Syllabus of Aptitude test for JECA

  • (i) Reasoning , (ii) Problem Solving, (iii) Quantitative Comparison, (iv) Discrete Quantitative Analysis & (v) Data Interpretation.

Part-II: Mathematics (100 marks)

Short Question (not of multiple choice type) to be worked out in details.

Time: One and a half hour.

Syllabus of Mathematics for JECA.

  • Analytical Geometry: Cartesian and polar coordinate; Straight line; Circle; Ellipse; Parabola; Hyperbola; Translation & Rotation of axes.
  • Algebra: Complex number, De Moiver’s theorem, Solution of linear equations, Determinants, Matrices, Summation of single series, Addition of vectors, Scalar and Vector products, Inequation, Sets and elements, Universal set, Empty set, Subsets, Venn diagram, Union and intersection of sets, Complements, Algebra of sets, Finite sets, Class of sets, Partitions, Cross product, Group, Ring and Field.
  • Calculus: Limit, Continuity, Differentiation; Maxima & minima; Taylor & Maclaruin’s Series; Definite and indefinite integrals; First and second order differential equation; Functions of several variables; Partial differentiation.
  • Probability & Statistics: Permutation, Combination; Probability; Probability distributions; Mean; Median; Mode; Standard Deviation; Correlation co-efficients.