GATE 2021 Exam Syllabus for Reasoning and Comprehension (XH-B1) 

Reasoning and Comprehension (XH-B1)

This is to test the candidate’s ability to comprehend and interpret written information – skills that are critical to research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The section will not directly test language competence in terms of grammar, vocabulary etc. The focus is instead on critical reasoning (similar to what is often found in exams like LSAT, GRE, GMAT etc.) and analysis of the text and its stylistic and rhetorical structure.

Questions of this section XH-B1 will test the following skills:

  • Reading Comprehension – ability to understand complex language material in short paragraphs and answer questions regarding them
  • Expression – questions on stylistic and rhetorical aspects of a short passage including corrections or modifications of particular sentences
  • Analytical reasoning – ability to understand relationships in statements or short passages and being able to draw reasonable conclusions/inferences from them.

• Logical reasoning – Thinking critically to evaluate or to predict an argument, identify the main and supporting arguments, predict outcomes et