BINC Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Chemistry Syllabus – Advanced

Number integration. Interpolation and approximate methods

Vector – addition, subtraction, dot, cross, scalar triple product, divergence and curl.

System of linear equations. Matrix inverse, eigenvalue, eigenvector, principalm component analysis

Mathematical modeling and simulation

Methods of least squares, chi-square test, systematic and random sampling, accidental and systematic errors, correlation and regression analysis. Poisson and extreme value distributions

Multivariate analysis, Hypothesis testing, Markov process

Bayesian Statistics

Basics of classical mechanics and quantum mechanics

Laws of motion

Refraction of light, focal length of lens, magnification. Definition of resolution, optical and electron microscope

Principles of lasers

Luminescence, fluorescence and phosphorescence (basic concepts and applications)

Non-covalent bonding in protein structure

Biophysical techniques for determining size and shape of macromolecules – ultra centrifugation, electrophoresis and chromatography. Application of spectroscopy (fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy) and X-ray diffraction for determination of biomolecular secondary and tertiary structure – CD, NMR, X-ray crystallography, mass spectroscopy of biological molecules

Basic principle of chemical kinetics – Zero order and first order kinetics, energy of activation. Reversible and irreversible thermodynamics

Bio-Informatics National Certification (BINC) 2010 Syllabus