BINC Information Technology Syllabus – Advanced

Local area networking, network devices, IP address, computational cluster

Parallel processing/computing, cluster computing, grid computing, etc

Java and Perl programming

Introduction to distributed database processing; understand, appreciate and implement relational database design

SQL and front end development

Select statement

Data definition statements

Data manipulation statements

Data control statements

Other database objects: Views, Sequences, Synonyms

Application development using visual basic

Working with code and forms

Variables, procedures and controlling program executor

Standard controls

Data access using Data control

Connecting to Oracle database using visual basic

Using Oracle DBMS as backend, SQL skills and basic skill in using VB as a front end

Computer graphics and visualization


Scientific and Engineering opportunities

Visualization techniques: Software, Hardware, Color representation – RGB, CMY, gray-scale

Interactive graphics

Interaction devices and techniques

Geometric transformations

Viewing in three dimensions. Stereo-pairs, perspective, depth-cue


Standards – CGI, GKS, PHIGS

Programming in C

Concepts of flowcharts, algorithm development, pseudo codes etc

Computer assignments based on the following topics in ‘C’ programming: Data types, operatos and expressions, Hierarchy of operators, control statements including decision (if, if-else), loops (while, do-while, for), branching (switch, break, continue), functions, arrays (1D, 2D- all matrix operations including inverse of a matrix), strings, Pointers, file handling, data structures etc,


Programming in Object Oriented Languages


An introduction to JAVA programming

Object-oriented programming and Java

Java basics

Working with objects

Arrays, Conditionals and Loops

Creating classes and applications in Java

More about methods

Java applets basics

Graphics, Fonts and Color

Simple Animation and threads

Advanced animation, images and sound

Managing simple events and interactivity

Creating user interfaces with AWT

Modifiers, Access control and class design

Packages and Interfaces



Streams and I/O

Using Native methods and libraries

Java programming tools

Working with data structures and Java

Image filters,



What is Perl? Why use Perl in Bioinformatics? History of Perl, Availability, Support, Basic concepts.

Scalar data: What is Scalar Data? Numbers, strings, scalar operators, scalar variables, scalar operators and functions

Arrays and list data: What is a list or array? Literal representation, variables, arrays operators and functions, scalar and list context

Control structures: Statement blocks

Hashes: What is a Hash? Hash variables, Literal representation of a Hash, Hash Functions, Hash Slices

Basic I/O

Regular expressions: Concepts about regular expressions, simple uses of regular expressions, patterns, matching operator, substitutions, the split and join functions

Subroutines: System and user functions, the local operator, variable-length parameter lists, lexical variables

Miscellaneous control structures

Filehandles and file tests: What is a filehandle? Opening and closing a filehandle, using pathnames and filenames, die, using filehandles, The –x file tests, the stat function

Formats: What is a format? Defining a format, invoking a format

Directory access: Directory tree, globbing, directory handles, opening and closing a directory handle, reading a directory handle

File and directory manipulation

Process management: Using system and exec, using backquotes

Other data transformation: Finding a substring, extracting and replacing a substring

Formatting data: Sorting, Transliteration

System information: Getting User and Machine information, Packing and Unpacking Binary data, getting network information

Database manipulation: DBM databases and DBM Hashes, Opening and closing DBM Hashes, Fixed-length random-access databases, Variable-Length (Text) Databases, Win32 Database Interfaces

CGI programming: The Module, CGI program in context, simple CGI programs, passing parameters via CGI, Perl and the Web

Object oriented perl: Introduction to modules, Creating Objects

Bioperl: Introduction, Installation procedures, Architecture, Uses of bioperl

Bio-Informatics National Certification (BINC) Syllabus