UGC guidelines to promote students’ physical and psychological well-being to be followed by Higher Educational Institutions


UGC Guidelines – To promote students’ physical and psychological well-being, UGC has asked the higher educational institutions to follow the newly issued guidelines by UGC and help students in improvising their healthcare.


Recently It has been noticed that there has been a rising number of mental health problems among the students, which are resulting in suicide attempts. The guidelines by UGC are designed in such a way that would promote health, fitness, and sports activities, and help in feeling less pressurised due to various reasons. 


Previously, the UGC had already issued guidelines for physical safety of students, like protecting the campus, hostels, playgrounds, cafeteria, and asked the institutions to place security personnel or technological devices in the entry points of the campus and hostels, to ensure the entry of only authorised and bonafide students. 


The UGC guidelines focus on –


  • Vibrant Campus Life – An lively campus helps in different aspects of the student’s thought process and makes it easier for them to understand their inner calling. UGC has also asked the campuses to create various spaces for cultural activities, to strengthen the bond among the students and teachers.
  • Students Service Centre – According to the guidelines, every institution should have a Students’ Service Centre, that will be responsible for dealing and managing problems related to stress and emotional issues. 
  • Physical Fitness – In this guideline, UGC has especially focused on providing students with physical fitness training, encouraging them for sports activities, and thus helping them in being mentally and physically fit. 
  • Physical Activity Programs – Physically inactive campus life results in psychosomatic disorders in students. So the UGC has asked the institutions to create an environment where the students will be encouraged to take part in sports activities, create outdoor and indoor sports activities and infrastructure, hold programs and opportunities for physical fitness, and also provide minimum facilities to hostels for physical fitness.
  • Opportunity to Reform – The universities are asked to take affirmative actions for students through programs that include services of professional counsellors, yoga, and meditation.
  • Self-Development Programs – Universities are asked to monitor students’ behaviour and take necessary preventive steps to control various deviant tendencies and indulge such students in various self-development programs on campus.
  • MOU with other institutions – According to the guideline, institutions will have to sign a MOU with AIIMS, NIMHANS and other such institutions for any medical help.
  • Mental Health Professionals – Institutions need to hire trained professionals to guide students in developing mental and physical well-being.


The main objective behind issuing this guideline is to ensure every student gets emotional guidance and be fit mentally and physically. 

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