The University Grants Commission has requested all educational Institutes to accept  Degree, Mark-sheets & other documents available in issued documents in DigiLocker account as valid documents.In a recent Circular, the UGC says that “National Acadcmic Depository (NAD) is an online storehouse of academic awards (Degrees. Mark-Sheets. ctc.) lodged by the Academic Institutions in a digital format. The NDA facilitates studends to get authentic documents/Certificates in digital format directly fronr their original issuers  wnywhere without any human interface.”


Though many Government Organisations have started accepting the documents in Digi-lockers as Originals, Educational Institutes insisted on Physical verification of degrees, mark sheet and  other educational documents

The circular further says that Once uploaded by the Original issuer, Digi locker has the ability to pull the Degree, Mark sheet and other Educational Documents in the issued document section in electronic form.

The UGC Notice request academic institutes to accept Degree. Mark-sheets & other documents available in Issues documents in Digi Locker account as valid documents.