Compulsory Sports period on a daily basis for classes 1 to 12 in all CBSE affiliated school

CBSE new guidelines, directs school to have sports period daily for classes 1 to 12– From the academic session 2019-20, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it compulsory for its affiliated schools to have at least one sports period for Class 1 to 12 on a daily basis. It also aims to provide a focussed curriculum regarding physical and health education that includes life skills in its  all affiliated schools. 


The new curriculum has four strands which are – Sports, Social Empowerment, Health Education and Group Activities. There would be no theory class for these four strands. Students would be provided option to choose their physical activity.


It has also included certain provisions for those students who have special needs. During games period, there would be use of wheelchairs, sign languages, etc. so that the differently abled children could be incorporated easily. As per the CBSE circular, Yoga has also been included as a subject apart from two others which are Early Childhood Care and Artificial Intelligence. 



Rama Sharma who is the spokesperson of CBSE has stated that the motive behind the new curriculum is to introduce physical education in daily life of students. If a student shows potential, then they would be coached for that particular sports discipline as well. The rule also states that if the Physical Education Teacher is absent, then the class teacher would be in charge of conducting that day’s Physical Education Class. 


With this the students of CBSE will learn how to manage stress in a better manner, help them to get optimum health benefits and create a focused environment for learning. 


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