By Garima

CBSE major changes in Class 10 and 12 Board Exams 2020 – The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) always tries to make the learning and teaching process enjoyable as well as free from any burden in its affiliated schools. In the last few months this year, the Board has introduced several major changes for the upcoming exams of Class X and XII that would be effective soon. 


Among few of the changes that the Board introduced, one of the major one was the increase in exam fees was the biggest change. Let us have a look at some of the changes which CBSE introduced this year.


New Rules while Registering during Class IX and X

The Board had announced the registration process of those students studying in Classes IX and XI would commence from August 8, 2019 for the current academic year of 2019-20. Earlier the process used to start from October onwards, but this year the Board started it from August itself which is two months earlier. A Board official later on stated that this process was advanced so that they could streamline the exam related process so that the schools and the Board could get enough time to perform all other required activities. 


No Change of Subject in Class X and XII

The Board issued a circular to all its affiliated schools stating that they should not be entertaining if a student belonging to Class X or XII requests them for a change in subject or parent asking to make their own arrangements in order to study. To deal with several requests regarding the change of  subjects in classes X and XII, CBSE has set up a frame of rules which has been called ‘Standard Operating Process’ for its affiliated schools

However, as per the revised norms of CBSE, the schools would accept any such request for change in subjects if it has been made before July 15 of the given academic year.  


Increase in Class X and XII Registration Fees

The Board announced an increase in the registration fees for Class X and XII Board Exams as well as the migration fees for Class IX and XI. The fees of General category students of Class X and XII was increased from Rs 750 to Rs 1500 for five subjects. The students who belonged to SC and ST category had to pay Rs 375 per five subjects earlier. Now it is Rs 1200 according to the new norms. 

Similarly, for Class IX and XI students,the amount of migration fees was increased from Rs 150 to Rs 350. Apart from that, those students who failed to clear their exams and wish to seek admission again would have to pay Rs 5000. 


Increase in No. of MCQs and Less No. of Questions

In another notification regarding the change in exam pattern for the Class X and XII Board exams, the Board has announced that it would reduce the no of questions in several subjects. The students would be provided more options in selecting the questions they wish to answer. Once this change comes into effect, the length of question paper would be short. Apart from that the MCQ’s which were earlier part of 16.25 % to 95% of a subject would be up by 10 to 12%. Some subjects such as Class X English (Language & Literature) and Class XII Biology, History and Hindi will have lesser five to eight mark questions and more two marks question.


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