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Career as a Youtuber- How to start a career as a Youtuber


YouTube has become one of the leading social media platforms in the last few years. It will not be wrong if we say that it has completely taken the world of the Internet by storm. YouTube has also provided thousands of golden career opportunities to today’s youth. Especially after the coronavirus outbreak in the world, Youtube has become a booming medium for people to earn a hefty amount each month by creating and sharing engaging creative content for the audience. That’s why nowadays, many people are turning to YouTube vlogging, as it has become their primary source of income. While some people are creating content on YouTube as a part-time hobby, many have chosen YouTube content creation as their full-time employment. Not only general people but many celebrities also have started their YouTube channels, primarily to satisfy their desire to perform in front of an audience. 


Apart from offering money-making opportunities, YouTube also provides people with an excellent opportunity to show their hidden creative sides and share their valuable opinions in front of a global audience. As smartphone digitization has taken over the entire world, the eye-catching red and white play button has given birth to a brand new profession – The YouTuber. If you have a passion for creating engaging content, extraordinary video editing skills, and are not camera-shy, becoming a YouTuber can be an ideal career choice for you. Here in this article, we will discuss how one can pursue their career as Youtubers, what skills are required, how much money one can make through YouTube, and more. Let’s first know who a YouTuber is.


Who Is A Youtuber?

Youtubers are self-employed people who do digital story-telling through the online platform – YouTube. They create and share engaging creative content on various topics and build an online following or subscribers. YouTubers make vlogs and talk about how they spend their daily life, current happenings, ongoing events, or any such topic. Vlogs refer to different kinds of blogs that are primarily done through videos. In the YouTube career, individuals generally work for themselves and don’t need to join a specific organization or company to get employed. Subscribers play a pivotal role in a YouTuber’s career as more subscribers come with more views on content, followed by more money-making. Once a YouTuber gains enough popularity among the audience, several brands or companies approach them for paid collaboration by sending them digital invites. These collaborations are considered extremely beneficial for YouTubers. YouTubers not only earn extra money or freebies by promoting different brands or products on their YouTube channels, but these collaborations also lead to more popularity and new channel subscriptions. 


Anyone can be a YouTuber or YouTube vlogger, but to gain popularity as a YouTuber depends on individual skills and potential. One cannot expect to be popular on Youtube within one year of starting their YouTube journey as it can take several years or more to be a known face among the YouTube audience and generate money from creating content. 


Roles And Responsibilities Of Youtubers

The field of YouTube vlogging is rapidly evolving and growing. In recent times, many among today’s youth have turned to YouTube vlogging and made it their full-time career. People got caged in their rooms due to multiple lockdowns amid the COVID-19 outbreak, and their only escape was their mobile phones. This situation hugely contributed to the immense popularity of video content among people. After the pandemic, video content has started gaining more views as the audience on a large scale has been consuming this type of content daily. A career on YouTube is extremely rewarding if the individual has the required skills and passion. It is one of the trending career choices among today’s youth as it allows a person to earn well while following their passion. 


The following are some significant roles and responsibilities of a YouTuber. 


  1. Making creative content 


The primary responsibility of a YouTuber is to make creative and engaging content on different topics and in diverse languages. The content can be in various genres, such as education, current affairs, jobs, entertainment, product reviews, fashion, beauty, travel gaming, cooking, technology, and more. Some YouTubers make vlogs only for commercial use as well. They often use several online tools to add pictures and sound effects to their vlogs to make them more attractive to their viewers. 


  1. Planning the content 


Planning is extremely crucial for creating engaging content. YouTubers must come up with innovative ideas every time to stand out from the never-ending competition in the YouTube world. They must ensure their content is extraordinary enough to catch viewers’ attention. That’s why YouTubers should plan their vlogging schedule well in advance. Planning helps them to have a list of things they need to do and speed up the vlogging accordingly. 


  1. Handling SEO 


YouTubers also handle Pay per Click (PPC) and SEO-related work responsibilities for their YouTube channel as they work individually. They often develop traffic-enhancing strategies for increasing the viewership of their content. 


  1. Handling search engine marketing 


A YouTuber must know to sell their content to the audience. For this, they must create content depending on the website’s efficiency. They often make and share content on YouTube, according to google analytics, as it helps the content to become more visible to media platforms. 


  1. Identifying the target audience 


The job of YouTubers may seem easy, but it is not in reality. After creating a viewership, a YouTuber has to deliver quality content regularly for their audience. Thus, YouTubers need to identify their target audience as it helps them to keep their viewers intact. Viewership decides the popularity of YouTubers, their monthly income, and if they will get paid collaboration opportunities from brands. 


Required Skills For Becoming A Youtuber


A YouTuber’s occupation is not gender-specific. Individuals of any gender can pursue their careers as YouTubers. Male and female YouTubers receive equal benefits in India. But an individual must have a few essential skills to become successful as a YouTuber. Below are some exceptional skills required for a career in YouTube vlogging. 


  1. Creativity is one of the primary skills required to be a YouTuber. A YouTuber should be able to think out-of-the-box. They should come up with creative and unique concepts for content creation. 
  2. YouTube content creators must understand their target audience’s preferences, requirements, and demands. Following the trends blindly is not always the solution. An individual needs to maintain originality while delivering content regularly to gain more subscribers to their YouTube channel.
  3. A YouTuber must have extraordinary communication skills to build interpersonal relationships with their target audience. Communicable skill is extremely important for interacting with the viewers. 
  4. YouTubers must have outstanding video-making and video-editing skills to make their content more engaging and eye-catching. They should know how to use different online video editing tools and applications to add sound effects, enhance picture quality, add or merge various video clips, and the like. 
  5. YouTubers must have good analytical skills to become successful in this field. An in-depth understanding of paid promotions, SEO marketing, and brand collaborations is considered extremely essential to becoming YouTube vloggers. 


Other required skills are:

  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Decision-making skills 
  • Consistency 
  • Ability to identify the target audience
  • Knowledge of digital platforms 
  • Familiarity with SEO 
  • Time management skills 


How To Become A Youtuber?

Individuals need no significant educational qualifications or work experience to start their journey as YouTubers. However, a few relevant skills are considered crucial for YouTubers. One can begin their YouTube journey at any time according to their preferences. But an online vlogging certification course can help individuals learn the tips and tricks of YouTube vlogging. Though an educational degree is not mandatory, videography, journalism, and mass communication are some courses considered helpful for YouTube vlogging. 


Below is a step-by-step guide to starting your journey as a YouTuber. 


  1. Choose your niche 


Choose the genre of your YouTube channel and the topic on which you will be making vlogs. It can be completely based on your favorite hobby or passion and your knowledge of the subject. 


  1. Identify your target audience


It will eventually help you to understand what type of content can bring more popularity and viewership for you. 


  1. Set your goals


It will help you to stay focused throughout your YouTube journey. Always remember why you have started your career as a YouTuber. 


  1. Be innovative 


Try to produce innovative and engaging ideas for your content. Try to maintain consistency while delivering content. It will help you to keep your audience intact. 


  1. Schedule content calendar 


Organize your monthly or annual content calendar well in advance. Content scheduling will help you remember what things you need to work on; it will gradually boost the speed of your content creation. 


Youtuber Courses and Fees

People willing to start their career as YouTubers can join online youtube vlogging courses to learn about this field. Nowadays, many online educational platforms provide paid and free certification courses in youtube vlogging. However, it is hard to find educational institutions in India that provide offline vlogging courses. 


Best Online Youtuber Courses


The following are the top 5 best online youtube vlogging courses. 


P.S- Candidates can join these online courses anytime, according to their preference. 


Sl No.
Courses Name 
Course Provider
Average Fees
How to Become a Popular Vlogger & Make Videos People Love
31 minutes 
INR 449
Speak Your Truth: Mindful Content Creation for YouTube
46 minutes 
YouTube VLOGGING: How to Start A YouTube Channel Today
43 minutes 
How to VLOG: Complete Beginner’s Course
4.5 hours 
INR 449
Modern Vlogging Guide – Make Money From Vlogging
1 hour
INR 449


Best Offline YouTuber Courses in India


No private or government universities in India provide offline youtube vlogging certification programs. But one can join offline video making or video editing courses as these courses are considered helpful for vlogging. Below are the top 5 best offline video editing courses available in India. 


P.S- For joining an offline video editing course, the candidate must complete their 12th with a minimum of 40% marks from a recognized board. 


Sl No.
Course Name 
Institution Name
Average Fees
Certification Video Editing Course
1 year
INR 48,310
Bachelor’s Degree in Video Editing 
MGR Government Film and Television Institute, Chennai
3 years
INR 45,000
Video Editing Certification Course 
6 months
INR 75,000
Undergraduate Degree in Video Editing 
10 months 
INR 65,000
Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Media 
40 hours 
INR 16,000


Best PG Diploma YouTuber Courses in India


There are no educational institutions in India that offer PG diploma programs in YouTube vlogging. Similar to undergraduate video editing certification courses, one can also join PG diploma video editing courses as these courses are considered helpful for vlogging. The following are the top 5 best video editing PG diploma courses available in India. 


P.S- One needs to complete their graduation from any discipline to join these postgraduate diploma courses. 


Sl No.
Course Name
Institution Name
Average Fees
Post Graduate Diploma Course in Editing
1 year
INR 70,000 – 80,000
Diploma in Film Editing 
Government Film and Television Institute, Bangalore
1 year
INR 1,00,000 – 2,00,000
Post Graduate Diploma in Post Production (Video Editing)
Ramoji Krian University, Hyderabad
1 year
INR 3,50,000
Diploma in Film Making
1 year
INR 1,22,214
Post Graduate Diploma in Film Editing and Television Production
1 year
INR 60,000



Salary of A YouTuber in India


Youtube has over 2.3 billion users across the globe and generated $19.7 billion in revenue during the pandemic year 2020. The pandemic, however, has positively contributed to the growth of Youtube in India. In India, WhatsApp was dominant as a social media platform before the pandemic, but now YouTube has taken its place. This immense growth of YouTube has increased the monthly income of YouTubers. That’s why YouTube has become one of the most profitable mediums for today’s generation to earn a hefty amount each month. However, money-making on YouTube largely depends on the quality and type of content a YouTuber is sharing. But we can’t deny that many successful YouTubers earn better annual salaries than many corporate job profiles. 


Other than the content, the salary of YouTubers also varies depending on their channel membership, advertising revenue, YouTube Premium Revenue, number of views on their content, amount of interactions (Likes, Shares, Comments) on their content, merch shelf, number of subscribers, and more. In India, a YouTuber with a decent number of subscribers on their YouTube channel can earn 25,000 INR per month. Additionally, a YouTuber with a few million subscribers and a few million views on their content can earn lakhs. The view count is extremely crucial for deciding how much money a Youtube video can make. The following is a chart indicating how much money you can make depending on the views you’ve earned. 


View Count
Estimated Earning in India 
10,000 (10k)
INR 200-500
1,00,000 (100k)
INR 2000-5000
10,00,000 (1 million)
INR 7000-30,000
1500,00,000 (150 million)
INR 1,50,000-6,00,000


Top Online Platforms for YouTuber Certification Courses

Many online platforms offer numerous professional courses to candidates. Nowadays, many online platforms provide free and paid YouTube vlogging certification courses. Udemy and SkillShare are the two best online educational platforms that offer several helpful short-term certification courses in YouTube vlogging. 


YouTuber Course Duration and Fees (UG/PG Level)

A certification in YouTube vlogging is primarily a short-term course offered by various online educational platforms. But no such educational institutes in India provide offline UG or PG programs for YouTube vlogging. However, individuals willing to pursue YouTube vlogging as their full-time career can join some offline video editing courses that are considered helpful for vlogging. 


While many online platforms offer free and paid YouTube vlogging courses, candidates must pay to join the offline video editing courses. The course fee widely varies depending on the course duration and topics. The duration of an online YouTube vlogging course can range from a few minutes to a few hours. Additionally, the duration of an offline certification and PG diploma video editing course can range from six months to 4 years. In India, an online YouTube vlogging course can cost up to 1000 INR, while an offline video editing course can cost up to 40,000-80,000 INR. The average fee of a PG diploma video editing course can cost up to 60,000-5,00,000 INR.