Top skills needed to be a GOOD Engineer

Top Qualities of a Good Engineer

Engineering has always been one of the most lucrative career options amongst students and parents. That being said, can everyone become a good engineer? What are the basic qualities that one must have to be at the top of his game?

Essential skill sets of an engineer

We have listed some of the most requisite qualities and skills that you should have in order to be in the midst of the best.

Basics in PCM

This is the most necessary skill that you should have before you think about engineering. As such there is no thumb rule to check your basics in PCM but entrance tests are conducted only for that purpose. An All India Rank and your score set the basis for your eligibility in engineering. Now a days there are so many engineering colleges that it is very easy to get admission   irrespective of your score in engineering entrance exams or AIR.. Once you make it to an engineering college and you will realize like anything else in life you need to make your own mark and work hard to be on the top. Completing your engineer degree doesn’t make you  a good engineer. Performing well will affect your opportunities in terms of job and career growth. Also See Top Engineering Colleges in India

Analytical Skills

Most of the engineering subjects are not only technical but analytical too. You need to solve engineering problems not as per your subject knowledge but your analytical capabilities as well. All India level entrance examinations like JEE main and some other entrance exams take care of it and check the aptitude of the candidate. Analytical skills are of much use to you not only in your college but also in practicality when it comes to your job. Most of the real life engineering problems have solutions which are derived from technical and analytical skills set.

Reasoning And Aptitude Skills

To understand engineering thoroughly you need reasoning and aptitude skills too. Almost each and every subject in engineering irrespective of branch require these skills to understand the subject better and its application in real life. If you want to be a good engineer then you need to reason each and every concept taught to you. You need to raise questions about each and everything. You should have the aptitude to think things differently and creatively. Engineering is not only about bookish knowledge but its application in the most creative and innovative manner.

Interest in engineering

This is the most important skill that you should have. Most of the students choose engineering only because of lucrative job offers by well-known MNCs. An engineering degree can help you for sure in earning good money but you can never get satisfaction out of your job if your interest doesn’t lie in the same. You will feel restless or depressed after some years. So it is very important that you are interested in engineering not necessarily in any specific branch. Although it is confusing to know where exactly your interest may lie in terms of choosing a particular field and thus you always have experts or veterans of the field to guide you towards the best possible choice. They can guide you in best possible way to your future.

-By M.K.Sharma