Pharmaceutical Sciences basically aims at dealing with the science of dispensing and preparing medicines. Pharma courses makes the student aware of the drug related information to the public. The aspirants of this field also are able to give advice on health care programmes as they are more aware of the prescriptions given by doctors.  They are also able enough to evaluate drugs and drug use pattern.

A career in the pharmaceutical sciences is full of opportunities. From Research and Development, Analysis and Testing, Production and Manufacturing, Marketing, Hospitals, Regulatory Bodies, and many others to the likes of the same will have avenues for those from the Pharmaceutical background.

Recruitment for Pharmacists

Mostly employers look for a reliable pharma recruitment consultant needed to work in their company at a start up level. Although mostly the below mentioned jobs are available:

  • Pharmaceutical formulations
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s)
  • Bulk drugs
  • Biotechnology
  • Clinical research
  • Healthcare
  • Nutraceuticals

Websites for Pharma jobs in India

Listed below are some of the sites which provide listing for Pharma jobs in India:


Pharmatutor is a website which not only caters to jobs in the Pharmaceutical field but also provides information on career in the Pharma field along with providing information on what is happening in the field. The company also runs its own magazine by the name of PharmaTutor.

  1. Pharma Jobs International

Pharma Jobs India is a company where consultant’s recruit of pharmaceutical professionals in India and also have a division for the recruitment of Pharmaceutical professionals for jobs the world over. For pharmaceutical talent acquisition, we are the specialists offering pharmaceutical manpower consultancy.

  1. GPAT India

The Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test for India is conducted by Pharmacophore solutions. Pharmacophore offers Classroom Coaching, Correspondence Courses, Online Test Series along with job openings in the field of Pharma.

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