It’s been awhile now since social media emerged as the new in-thing in the cyberspace. In fact, judging by the far reaching impact of websites like Facebook and Twitter in virtually every nook and corner of the world, it won’t be an exaggeration of facts if one went calling the social media revolution the next big thing in the world of technology – second only to the dot-com boom of the ,late 90s and early 2000s. However, as more and more people get hooked to these seemingly addictive platforms (Facebook, in particular), odds are also high that mischievous elements will be more on the look to victimize unsuspecting innocents – especially young kids.

Therefore, in order to tackle these threats, it is absolutely important that all social media users remember these 5 safety tips while browsing online:

 Tips for Safety on Social Media Sites

1. Don’t overlook privacy settings


 It may sound rude – but ignoring privacy settings is as foolish as a social media user can act. These settings are there for a reason. Use them adequately to control who has access to your posts, pictures, and other content.

 2. Be careful while sharing your personal life on these sites

 Once posted – always posted; that’s how social media usually functions. Of course, you may argue that most social media sites allow users to delete their posts at will; but you must also remember that as soon as they go online, people have the ability to save them locally or share them online for more people to see.

 3. Don’t reveal sensitive personal information just like that

 The cyberspace is full of mischievous elements waiting to exploit innocents – therefore, you must always ensure that no sensitive information (for example, home address, phone number, sensitive financial information, etc.) is revealed online on these sites. The more information you post online, the easier it gets for hackers, cyber thugs and other malicious elements to steal your identity, access your important data, or various other crimes such as stalking.

 4.  Safeguard your system

 Always remember – safety and security in this digital era often starts with protecting your computers. Therefore, make it a point to install a competent security suite (firewall, antispyware or antivirus) that dedicatedly safeguards your system against all malicious threats floating out there in the cyberspace. Also, ensure that your Web browser, operating system and other important software are regularly updated.

 5. Manage your friend groups carefully

 It’s understandable that people can use social media sites for a variety of purposes. For example, some may use it just to keep in touch with friends or family; some may use it strictly for professional purposes, whereas others can use it just to kill time. No matter which group you belong to, always make sure that you segment and manage your friend groups in a smart manner. If possible, don’t befriend, or at least refrain from sharing sensitive details with people whom you barely know (or you do not trust).

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