Top 10 Small


Small Business Ideas that will make your life interesting. If you are among those who are looking for a paid gig? A side business? Quick fix for pocket money? Restarting your career but want to play it safe?

If you are planning to start your own business with less or almost negligible investment, we are pleased to tell you that you have come to the right place.


Launching a new venture in the market is not easy. It requires a small business idea that can grow big, intensive planning, creativity, and a focussed mindset for its implementation and performance.

In this era, business strategy has seen a shift towards customer satisfaction. What does a customer need and want? What products can make life easier? So, a quality product or service combined with high-minded marketing policy will help you climb the ladder in your business. Because quality is the best business plan be it a small business plan or the big one with huge investment.

Small Business Ideas – You can make them Big !

“A big business starts small.” So, here are a few ideas of small businesses that you can put into action and give a kick-start to your operation –

1. For your love of books! An Idea for your own small business

Are you a bibliophile? If you are fond of reading and collecting books and novels, this easy and fun small business idea is for you. For this, you need to have a pool of books that you and your friends can collectively make and it’s almost done. One can open a home library in any spare room. You can even rent a room or place to make space for people to come and read.

It is rightly said, “Internet was invented to make life easier.”  To make it more convenient, you can start an online website wherein you can upload the book collection and get them delivered at the customers’ doorstep.

To add a pinch of creativity, you can summarise the books and novels with all the relevant information to make it easier for people who want to read books but have no time for it. Isn’t it a great small business idea? This way you will keep doing what you love while making good money.

2. Hello Baker! A Small Business Idea for People who have the magic of Baking in them.

As long as you know how to bake, life is sure to be sweet. From Selling cakes, jar desserts, chocolates, cookies, gift hampers for marriages, festivals, etc.  To teach the art of baking is a way to nurture your creative spirit along with earning some good amount of money. From promoting your products on social media and making your own website to uploading videos online can prove to be very beneficial.   Quality is appreciated everywhere, thus, if you upload videos on YouTube, you can earn some money from there too if you hit a specific number of views. Because life is what you bake of it. So, if you are fond of baking, this might be a great business idea for your small venture.

3. Pet-friendly small business services

Wouldn’t you feel so much better slaying at work, knowing that someone is taking care of your pet, feeding it on time, taking it for a walk and making sure it isn’t lonely? Exactly, my point. You can do this as part-time or full time as well. If playing with pets is what you like, then there is nothing better than this. Imagine how it would be like to spend time with pets while getting paid for it. This small business service still remains to be unexplored in the country. However, the need persists in the market. It is difficult to go on vacations leaving pets behind. Having someone to look after them is what is required.

4. Blogging, A low investment small business idea

Wake up the writer in you! Are you a food, shopping, traveling enthusiast? Sharing your experiences of life along with exploring the unexplored and telling people about it is the new and fastest growing trend in the country. With so many people obsessed with social media, this is a way of making money out of this obsession.  Once you get a good follower base and your content is impressive, companies start collaborating for promoting their products. Many sponsorships are also attracted. Thus, this is a good way of earning livelihood or pocket money along with feeding your passion. So, for those who wish to start their own small business service might give it a shot.

5. Play smart, Every Business starts with Small Business Services

The world’s largest taxi provider company, Uber, owns no cars. Therefore, companies that provide a network between the provider of goods and services and the consumer, are in an incredibly valuable position. Content, cabs, hotels, restaurants and what not. As a business line, this is fascinating and promising. So, if you can think of something to bring its options in one place, help people compare prices and making their life a little convenient, there is nothing better than this. Get an app or a website, get all the options on board, invest in good marketing minds and you are good to go.

6. Tiffin service, A small Business Idea for people who love to cook.

Venturing into the food industry is almost always a profitable move.  working professionals, people who stay away from home who have little or no time to cook require a quick-fix but also want it to be healthy and homemade. This is where you could come in. Since the cooking will probably be cooked in your own kitchen, there is no need to pay for extra space. Thus, the only big investment you’ll need to make at this stage is in a middle-man to deliver these services.

7. Trading, the one for brains.

To buy something on bulk from a company to make it accessible to prospective customers. Now with the help of the internet, one can buy things online and sell them online which reduces the cost of storage and warehouse. Taking orders first and then purchasing from the wholesalers will reduce the investment in inventory as well. Loss of excess inventory is also minimized. However, in order to be able to cover the huge market, promotion strategies and after sales services must be invested in. This can prove to be a good side business or a full-time business as well.

8. Tuition, A small business idea for the youth

Tuition is one of the best and oldest small business service that a youth can provide easily.  To nurture the teacher in you, you can teach children younger than you and earn some pocket money. The only investment it will require is your time. Also, most parents consider home tuitions for their students. Home tutors are paid comparatively more as personal attention is given to children at the comfort and decorum of their home.

9. Travelling group

A business that will take you to places. Organizing trips from time to time and offering wonderful packages to students of colleges or those with a passion for traveling can prove to be a good source of income and a way to satiate your wanderlust. So, turn your passion into a small business and see the miracle of success happen.

10. Handmade goodies

As the legends say, history has the tendency to repeat itself, thus, handmade gifts and items are back in a fashion more than ever. Those who have a spark for craft and creativity, can fluently make stuff and sell them online or from home, with less investment.  This is one of the small business ideas for the people who have the creative worm in them along with the talent.

– If you can dream about it, you can do it.