Sports Management Courses in India

With the advent of the sports business industry, an emerging field of Sports Management has gained popularity. Sports Management courses in India are becoming popular with the rising demand for sports managers, marketing experts and event managers. Here, we have listed out important details about the sports management career option and how one can opt for this choice after doing a sports management course. The job prospects in sports management, salary of sports managers and colleges in India to pursue a course in sports management have been discussed.


What is Sports Management?

Do you dream of working in the sports industry? If you answered that with a resounding “yes”, then rest assured, this is the best time to be in pursuit of your desired career path. 

Given that sports and business have so much in common, it is natural that they exchange and combine learning from both domains and fuse into one- that of sports management.  In this unique programme you get to study the business and marketing techniques utilized in the sports industry. The business aspect of the sports industry create a space where you can combine your love of sports with your business acuity.



Sports Management Courses in India

In recent years, sport as a discipline, has expanded beyond its previously defined boundaries. This has caused an increase in the demand for dedicated, skilled professionals in the many areas associated with the business of sport.

Getting a bachelors or a masters in sports management, or an MBA in sports management is a great way to get started on building your career in the exciting and charged field of sports management. These programmes are designed for those who want to develop their understanding of the sport industry and the different business aspects and functions involved within it.  

Our country presents tremendous potential for growth in the sports industry. By the year 2025, at least 23 lakh people are expected to become a part of the Indian sports industry. These professionals will be expected to perform different roles such as sports managers, event managers, sports law experts, agents, trainers, and analysts to meet this explosive growth. 

Even the government is taking initiatives to support this blooming industry. There are about 52 approved national sports federations in India. They are actively working to promote the sports industry and the job opportunities it offers. 


Career Scope in Sports Management 

After a course in Sports Management, one can adopt any of the following career options-

  1. Sports manager– With a degree in sports management, you can go on to become a sports manager. Sports managers spend a lot of their time behind the scenes putting together all business-related activities for the sports team or organization that employs them. When they aren’t involved with events, sports managers are occupied in negotiating trades and signing on agents.

They do all of this while keeping the budgets in sight. From salaries of coaches, players, and assistants to the expenses incurred during travel, equipment, and uniform purchases, these professionals keep track of it all.  Sports managers also participate in press conferences and maintain a positive relationship with the media, establishing goodwill for their organization. 


  1. Sports branding and marketing is a major area that is gaining traction. Popular sports persons endorse brands that align with their personalities and image. This area has more potential for exploration, creating the demand for sports marketing managers and sponsorship managers.


  1. Sports merchandising is another sector for employment in the sports industry. Sports professionals who understand the details of sporting merchandise are in demand in India with the increasing presence of top international brands such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas, to name a few.


  1. Event management in sports is a popular career option for sports management graduates. With the rise in the number of sports events, event management companies are hiring sports managers by the dozen. Soon there will be a great demand for sports directors, operations managers, communications & PR personnel, venue management professionals, implementation managers, sports administrators, media professionals and so on.


  1. Sports Public Relations Specialists work to create and maintain a positive image for athletes or the teams they represent. They have the mammoth task of coordinating the smooth flow of desirable information from their client to the press. PR in sports plays the important role of increasing profitability of teams by positively influencing fans to purchase tickets, merchandise, and attend matches.


Top Sports Management Companies in India

India’s improving economic climate, rising disposable incomes, and changing outlook towards fitness is fuelling the increase in demand for sports-related goods and services

Owing to the booming industry, a number of professional sports management companies have sprung up all over India. Some leading cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad are great options for anyone looking to launch their career in sports management.  


Here are some of the top companies that make for excellent places to begin your career in sports management:

  1. IMG Reliance – Mumbai
  2. Sporty Solutions – Delhi
  3. Baseline Ventures – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore
  4. Rhiti Sports – Delhi
  5. Procam International- Mumbai
  6. JSW Sports- Mumbai
  7. IOS Sports and Entertainment- Mumbai, Delhi
  8. Sportz Consult- Mumbai
  9. Decathlon Sports India Pvt Ltd- Bangalore
  10.  ITW Consulting- Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata


Which are the best colleges for sports management in India?

Some of the best colleges to pursue a course in Sports Management are as follows-

  1. Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu

Programmes offered:

  • D.P.Ed. (Diploma in Physical Education)
  • B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education)
  • M.P.Ed. (Master of Physical Education)
  • M.Phil 
  • Ph.D


  1. Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science, New Delhi

Programmes offered: 

  • B.P.Ed.
  • M.P.Ed.
  • Ph.D


  1. Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, West Bengal

Programmes offered: 

  • PGDSM (Post Graduate in Sports Management)


  1. International Institute of Sports Management, Maharashtra

Programmes offered: 

  • BSM (Bachelor of Sports Management)
  • MSM (Masters of  Sports Management)
  • PGPS and WM (PGP in Sports and Wellness Management)


  1. National Academy of Sports Management, Maharashtra

Programmes offered: 



  1. Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences, Maharashtra

Programmes offered: 

  • MBA (Sports Management)


  1. MIT School of Management,  Pune

Programmes offered: 

  • MBA (Sports Management)


  1. ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad

Programmes offered: 

  • MBA (Sports Management)


  1. Amity School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, New Delhi

Programmes offered: 

  • MBA (Sports Management)


  1. Jain University, Bangalore

Programmes offered: 

  • MBA (Sports Management)


Investment prospects in the sports industry are dispersed across the entire supply chain, including the manufacturing and retail of equipment and apparel as well as in advertising, talent management, and training.

Even the Indian government has turned its attention to developing the sports sector as a strategy to create jobs, generate revenue, and attract investment into the country, aside from nurturing sports talent.

The expansion of the Indian sports industry is opening new opportunities for management professionals in diverse settings. It has the potential to surpass the IT industry by 2020 resulting from growing initiatives such as professional leagues of developed sports, commercialization of underdeveloped sports, and increased corporate sector investments. 

Undoubtedly, the Indian sports industry has tremendous business potential, especially in the fields of marketing, management, sponsorship, export of apparel, goods, and tourism. 

It is the best time to get the ball rolling to build your dream career in the business of sports.