Short stories

Ranjna Vedhera is an ex lecturer in English and Communication Skills. She has also worked  as an editor with reputed publishing houses in Delhi. A number of her  videos  relating to English Grammar  and other educational  topics can be accessed on You Tube.  See Her English Lessons on youtube
So Many Worlds  – A Collection of Short stories  is her latest offering for the lovers  of English Fiction. Stories in this  collection  are set in disparate zones of time and space reflecting equally variegated  shades of human emotions ranging from love, lust and romance to ambition, nostalgia, conflict and sometimes  from mortifying  cynicism  to uplifting  positivism. Despite  such divergent sensibilities  these stories are bound by  one single common  thread of Humanity.
This bouquet of nine short stories offers an interesting  and delightful read for English fiction  lovers.


Vedhera recasts these scenarios with unexpected twists, and brings her distinctive insight into the ways human affections both confirm and defy the social designs that try to enclose them. In all, a compelling read and true to its title, a multitude of worlds, Says Divya in her review of the Book at Amazon


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