How to deal with difficult questions in an interview

These days there are at least 100 people fighting for a job position and employers don’t even think about compromising the quality of candidates they are looking for. They will skim the crowd until they find the right person for the job.

When you are going for an interview make sure that you answer all the questions – don’t just answer them, answer them correctly. Questions asked in interviews are becoming more and more complex these days and with that being said interviewees are finding it difficult to pass different rounds conducted in an interview. In this article you will find ways of answering tough interview questions.

How to prepare for tough questions in an interview?

Tell me about yourself

This is the very basic question which is asked in almost every interview, this is often the opening question. One must always be prepared to answer this question. While looking for brilliant answers to tough interview questions, you will find that as the answer to this question you must mention about your academic, experience and a brief description of your family. Also, remember to keep the answer short and crisp.
Why do you want to leave your current position?

This is one of the hardest interview questions and most people fail to answer this in the right way. Most people get confused when this question is asked and they end up blabbering. Here the interviewer wants to know that you have at least worked for 6 months in your previous organization and that you will be satisfied with the new job. While answering this question make sure that you don’t speak negative things about your current employer. You can simply say, “I am happy with my current job but I am looking for greater opportunities in life which will help me grow as a person.” This way you can answer different difficult behavioral interview questions very easily.

Tell me about your failures

No one always has a good time and thus everybody has at least ones in their life has been through a bad phase. Here you need to be very honest with the employer and also mention the lessons that you have learned from your failures. Failure can be of different type. When you are asked about your failures in an interview don’t mention things which can end your career rather mention small failures.

Tell me a story

Looking for tricky interview questions and answers for freshers, well, you will surely find this one. Even if the question, “Tell me a story” seems to be very easy, it is not. Before you start narrating your story make sure you ask the employer about the kind of story he wants to listen. When you ask for clarification it shows that you are thoughtful and thus will think before taking any action related to work as well. Once you know the kind of story your employer wants to listen, make up a small, simple yet pleasing story and impress your employer.

How much do you expect us to pay you?

Answering this question can be difficult at times as you don’t want to undercut yourself and the same time you don’t want to lose the opportunity by asking for more salary then you should get. If you want to portray a good image of yourself in front of the employer, say “I would like to know more about the job responsibility and your company is one of the reputed company in the market I am sure that you will pay a competitive amount at the end of the month.”

Why should we hire you?

Very common yet is difficult to answer. This question is asked both to freshers and experienced candidates as well. To the answer to this question mention all your strengths. Make sure that you frame your strengths in such a way that employers get impressed with you. You can say, “I want to work with your company as I have heard several good things about the company from many people. I am responsible and dependable. When one applies to a company he or she gives their level. You should choose me as I choose to dedicate my time and energy to grow the company.”

So these were some of the tough interview questions and answers and we have answered all of them in detail. Now that you know how to answer these questions, cracking an interview and getting a job can be no more a worry for you.