Ques: Is GMAT score important for MBA Admission?


GMAT score is one of the important criteria for evaluating MBA applications. This score is used as a predictor of your verbal and quantitative ability to manage the workload of an MBA curriculum.


However, it is important to note that the GMAT score is only one part of the admission process and a high GMAT score alone is not only enough to guarantee admission to a good MBA program. Likewise, a low score does not mean that you cannot qualify.

The application process is becoming quite competitive, and you need to show something special in order to stand out from the competition. Regardless of your GMAT score, you need a well-rounded application to ensure that you make your way into a good business school.

When applications are reviewed, weight is given not only to GMAT score but also to undergraduate GPA, recommendations, statement of purpose, and similar factors. You need to demonstrate professional potential and to create a strong impression of suitability for the program.

The higher your GMAT score is, the better your chances of admission to a better business school and also indicate greater likelihood of future academic success. Both a good GMAT score and strong presentation in other components of the application are critical for making your application shine.

Some Indian B-schools accepting GMAT scores –

>Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad
>Indian Institute of Management
>XLRI, Jamshedpur
>S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
>Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

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