Home science, as a career. What are the scope and opportunities in this field?


Home science covers a wide field – food and nutrition, clothing and textiles, interior design and furnishing, merchandising, child development, marriage and family relationship, rural development, community health and hygiene, community resources management and adult education. Other subjects include physiology and economics.

Depending on one’s interest and aptitude there are a huge number of career options to choose from.

If you are a people-person and enjoy sales and marketing you can look at sales promotion of packaged/ready to serve food. Similarly, if you have a flair for management and supervision, the hotel industry also offers job opportunities in house keeping departments at resorts, spas, hotels and restaurants, among others.

Growing at an envious rate of 15% per-annum, the healthcare industry in India is expected to touch $40 billion by 2012. Currently there is an explosion of employment opportunities in the health sector.

So you can specialize in dietetics or food and nutrition or opt for child-care, healthcare management, medical tourism or work in the development sector. If you are academically inclined, you can always opt for a career in teaching or take up research work.