Do I have to have good English language skills to work in the BPO Sector ?

Question – I want to work in BPO or a service sector company, but my English language skills are poor. Does this mean that I’m not going to get a job in either of the above mentioned sectors ?

Answer –  No, you don’t need a tough or very extensive vocabulary to be able to work in a BPO. A decent vocabulary with a neutral accent (no pronounced vernacular or mother tongue influence) is what’s required for international BPOs. The domestic ones are much more lenient in their requirements.

Don’t let anyone deter you from what you need to achieve in life – even if it requires a bit longer.

Moreover, the recruitment strategy of companies within the services sector is changing towards small town youth. In a marked departure from the traditional model of employing English-speaking public school products, many banks and also BPOs are recruiting graduates from smaller towns and even some villages, who have a government school background.

The notion that only English-speaking people can serve customers is wrong
. Even those who don’t know English can be suitably trained to focus on this segment.

This strategy not just contributes to containing the escalating attrition rates but also helps absorb educated unemployed youth from rural and semi-urban areas.

Various companies like Wipro have also started sourcing some of their work-force from this graduate pool. The strategy pays off because in turn, the companies get staff which is more stable and loyal.