What are the emerging prospects for lawyers in the field of corporate law?


The corporate sector will be facing an increased demand for lawyers. The higher levels of most organizations today are undergoing drastic changes. This, in turn, is increasing the scope for documentation and consequently there is a heightened need for specialized services and commercial law firms in India.

Newer law firms are being set up each year and these firms are hiring more people and paying higher salaries than ever before. The competition amongst firms to recruit the best law graduates has increased ever since international law firms started making direct offers to students of leading law schools.

This has translated into a boon for fresh graduates who are now getting opportunities which earlier came only after several years of experience. In fact, most graduates are now joining commercial law firms or companies as legal advisors.

A career in corporate law guarantees a healthy pay-packet right from day one as opposed to court-practice where one needs to work under experienced advocates for several years at subsistence wage levels, before gaining financial independence and prominence.