What are the Career Prospects in the field of Leather Industry?


Leather Industry offers high paid jobs in India and in many other countries. Leather is used to manufacture shoes, garments, bags, seat covers are some of the most common use of leather. The world population as of 2008 was estimated at 6.8 billion by United States Census Bureau. It is growing rapidly. Everybody uses leather in some form or other. So, one can imagine the huge demand for processed leather goods in the world.

India alone exports leather garments worth of 345.34 million US $ every year and its share in the world export market is 8.81%. India also exports more than 100 million pairs of shoe uppers to many European countries mainly to Italy and East European countries.

Thus there is huge employment opportunities in the leather industry within India and abroad. The supply of trained man power for this industry is far less than the demand. Hence there is always 100% employment for trained leather technologists.

Here we mention only four most famous institutions:

1. Alagappa College of Technology, Chennai

2. College of Leather Technology, Calcutta

3. Footwear Design & Development Institute, Noida

4. Central Footwear Training Institute, Agra

There are also many institutions offering leather apparel design courses but these are not quite within the purview of leather technology.