I am keen to my career in aviation as a flight steward. What qualification should i have for it?

Answer – To qualify as cabin crewflight steward or air hostess, the minimum qualification is class XII or a degree in hotel management. A large number also hold a Bachelor’s degree.

You should be fluent in English and Hindi. You also need a fair amount of stamina to walk up and down the aisle pushing trolleys and serving the passengers on board.

Your minimum height should be 170 cm 5’ 6” (male) and 157 cm 5’ 1.8” (female) with a clear unblemished complexion (weight should be proportionate to your height and age).

Stamina, physical fitness, a clear complexion, pleasing personality, weight (in proportion to height) age (below 25 years for domestic airlines and below 30 years for international airlines) and normal eye-sight are other essentials. You can wear contact lenses.

While proficiency in English and Hindi is a must, familiarity with a foreign language is desirable.

Knowledge of nursing/first aid and overall general awareness are an asset.

It would also be a good idea to learn swimming as it’s necessary for safety and emergency procedures.

Some experience in customer service would also help.

In addition you must be mature in attitude and outlook; a people person with good communication skills. If your application fulfils the specified criteria, you will be invited for a preliminary interview. Should you successfully clear this stage, you will be called for a second interview and a grooming check. Shortlisted candidates may be asked to attend a final interview at a later date. If selected, you will be required to clear medical tests and undergo 10-12 weeks of training.

On completing the training successfully, you can look forward to an attractive remuneration package including allowances and other benefits.