An interview is an important juncture in getting any job. This is the first chance that your potential employers will get to meet you and find out if you are an appropriate candidate for the job. To be thriving at the interview stage and secure yourself the position, you need to make sure you behave in a certain way and avoid behaviors that give a negative impression of you and what not to say in an interview. With that in mind, here are seven things for the  job interview preparation tips which you should definitely avoid doing in an interview:

1) Being late

By showing up late, you are giving the interviewer an instant bad impression of yourself, which will lead them to believe that you are unreliable and likely to be late for work in the future. Avoid this by allowing profusion of time to travel to the interview and to make a balance on how early should you be for an interview.

2) Insufficient preparation

It is essential that you prepare well for an interview. You might have the skills to do the job but Check the ‘About Us’ link on the company website and read their mission statement. Find out who the competition and major players in the market are. This is one of the main job interview preparation tip. It also gives the interviewers the notion that you are not overly concerned about whether you get the job or not.

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3) Bad body language

It is likely that your interviewers will have had a lot of experience when it comes to hiring staff. They will know what to look out for in good candidates and they will also be able to read your body language. Most employers are looking for people who have a positive manner and are fervent about the job. Although an interview can be a nerve-racking process, it is best not to let any nerves show too much. Through your bad body language you will not be able to survive the survive the interview. So this is the  one aspect which help you how to survive in an interview.

4) Not asking questions

Showing interest in the position and your potential employers is also a sign that you are enthusiastic about the job and it is another way how to survive an interview. Failing to ask questions gives the impression that you are disinterested or that you have not fully prepared for the interview.

5) Giving unclear answers

t is easy to give poor answers if you are feeling under pressure in an interview. You might talk too fast, mumble, wander off topic or be too vague. It is essential that you give clear, concise answers when questioned and avoid the cliche words. These are the main things which should be avoided or not to say in an interview. Make sure you answer the question, speak slowly and clearly, strengthen your response with an example and keep it relevant. 

6) Lying in the resume

Be accurate on your resume. Do not exaggerate or falsify information. Anything can be discussed at the interview and being caught lying in the resume during the interview will surely lead to not being selected but can damage your reputation as well.  Maintain your integrity.

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7) Not asking about follow up

Before leaving the interview, try to find out the expected next steps. Consider asking if there is an estimated timeframe in which they expect to fill the position and what the next possible steps might be in the process and ask them how long you should wait to follow up after an interview. This gives you timelines from which you can base follow up communications and gives you piece of mind knowing the next steps and when the position is expected to be filled.