Career Preparation And Planning – Good Education

Education is critical and good education will be your permanent asset in life. There is no substitute for this and its importance cannot be over stated.
1. You should recognize this fact and decide regarding your career choices. Keep three (at least two) choices in mind.

  • Narrow your choices on the basis of your S.W.O.T analysis, interests etc.
  • Do you want to go for a job or want to become an independent entrepreneur? It is normally better to first gain some experience before starting your own venture.
  • You have to decide for yourself the field of education in accordance with your choices.
  • You also need to understand whether that field is already saturated or relatively new.
  •  Engineering and Medicine have always been very popular and have not become saturated due to wide spread demand and inclusion of many new disciplines with in these fields.
  • Very specialized fields have specific demand, but can be narrow and are not recession proof.
  • You need to understand the approximate cost of the course you intend joining and evaluate your finances. (Also what your parents can afford)

2. First and foremost aim to join a full-time course from a University or an Institute of good standing.

  • There is no substitute for a good regular University with it’s own campus as that will provide you more comprehensive courses.
  • Facilities and many extra curricular activities at lesser fee for overall development.
  • Better, more experienced and renowned faculty.
  • Private colleges, academies and distance learning courses can be considered next, but again after checking their standing, fee structure, faculty and placement record.

3. Information is power.

  • Use Internet to get all the information on different institutes in the areas of interest to you and check their web sites thoroughly.
  • Check with your seniors and friends regarding their experience.
  • Also check with your parents and teachers and note their recommendations.
  • Gather facts from advertisements in newspapers and business magazines.
  • Note down all the information carefully and cross check. The facts, which two or more sources endorse, are more reliable.

4. New job opportunities have emerged in the last few years in many areas like B.P.O, Retail and Web Design etc. Many new courses have also been started by colleges to train students for career in these areas.

  • You need to understand these relatively new disciplines. Prominent are:
    • Retail Management
    • Event Management
    • Air-Hostess Training
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design
    • Animation
    • Insurance
    • Informatics
    • Hospital Administration
    • E R P (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solutions like SAP, BAAN etc.
    • Biotechnology

5. Narrow the list of courses of interest to you and the good recognized institutes offering the same so that further action can be taken.

6. It is better to go for a graduate degree (more basic and broad based like B.E, B.Com, B .Sc) before doing a specialized or trade oriented course.

  • This will provide a basic solid platform.
  • Learning of basic subjects like maths and accounting will be useful throughout life and is also essential for competitive exams.
  • Greater flexibility for changing career tracks.

7. Specialised coaching is essential for competitive exams for admission to Engineering and Medical Colleges and Management Institutes.

  • Apply the same principle and choose an academy with best credentials and track record.


Good Education is very essential and will give life long benefits. Go for the most recognized University/ Institute and you will never regret it.  

Arun Vedhera
An Engineer, M.B.A with 34 yrs. of Management Experience in the Industry. As a Top Management Professional, well versed with all the functional areas and the human dynamics. Passionate about management education and a satisfied customer of Life.

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