Pre-requisites for Success in your Career

There are some fundamental pre-requisites for success in your career, irrespective of the choices you have arrived at. These need to be understood well.

1. Good Communication and Expression.

  • These are not only critical but can make a great difference towards your success.

  • For being able to express yourself well, you must understand the power of the language and work towards enhancing your abilities, both towards the written and spoken expressions.

  • You should be well versed with Hindi and English, besides your regional language.

  • In today’s global world, language binds us all.

  • You would have read or heard that one of India’s competitive advantages in the global trade with other nations is our command over English, which has today become the link language all over the world.

  • At the same time Hindi as our National language makes the interaction possible with people amongst our different states and regions, where many languages and dialects are spoken.

2. Express yourself clearly, without choosing complicated and big sounding words or jargon.

  • If you are shy or in confident in front of others, read a good newspaper loudly alone in front of a mirror for 20 minutes every day till you feel confident in expressing yourself freely in front of strangers.

  • Watch a good news program on the T.V every day for 30 minutes and try to follow the diction of a good newsreader (preferably the same one every day)
  • Read a standard news magazine on regular basis.

  • Speak to your parents and friends in the language they use, with confidence and clarity.

  • If required you can read a good primer like the Rapidex English course and join a good language coaching school to enhance your abilities.

3. Write small notes /articles in Hindi and English twice a week and show to your parents, teachers and friends whom you trust and use their feedback to improve. This should be done on regular basis.

4. Do not feel shy in admitting that you are trying to improve your expression.

5. Converse with your friends on the phone in a clear voice and with proper expression.

6. You can follow the same policy in your Internet and e-mail communications, by not going for the abbreviated expressions and use full form.

7. This will allow you to keep talking or writing to your friends and at the same time enhance your abilities.

8. Continue doing this till it becomes a second habit. Apart from improving your language and expression, this will increase your self-confidence and also provide you with updated information on the current affairs.

9. Clarity in your verbal expression is very important. Do not fumble and speak in a cheerful firm voice.

  • You can learn by hearing pre-recorded messages of Banks and other service providers, using Indian voices. Never try to copy any foreign accent.
  • You must also try to achieve neutral accent while speaking in Hindi and English, i.e. the regional influence should not be pronounced.
  • The tone should be full of warmth and enthusiasm.

10. The written expression should be simple, specific and purposeful.

  1. Do not use long or complicated sentences.
  2. While using simple words, keep improving your vocabulary on a daily basis, by learning new words and their appropriate usage.
  3. Consult standard Dictionaries for checking correct spellings and use of words.

11. Remember that ‘practice makes a man perfect’ and you need to keep working towards better expression on a continuous basis.


Good command over languages will enable you to express yourself with clarity and confidence. This will help you in all spheres of life. Not only a salesman, but also a research scientist needs a good expression.

It will also do wonders to your self-confidence and personality.

Arun Vedhera
An Engineer, M.B.A with 34 yrs. of Management Experience in the Industry. As a Top Management Professional, well versed with all the functional areas and the human dynamics. Passionate about management education and a satisfied customer of Life.