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Bank Probationary Officers (PO) Salary 2019

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Salary for Bank PO 2019

Bank PO Salary 2019 - For aspirants seeking jobs in the banking sector, PO (Probationary Officer) is the most sought-after job with fruitful career growth option. A PO is an Assistant Manager of Scale I in the bank. The Probationary Officer goes through an intensive training program at the institute of Banking Management after the completion of selection criteria.

A Probationary Officer is trained for multiple operations such as finance, accounting, billing, investment, revenue collection etc. during his/ her probation period to acquaint them with different working procedures of the bank.

SBI Bank PO Salary 2019

Currently, the basic salary of a PO in State Bank of India is 27, 620/ - (with four advance increments) in the scale of 23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020. Allowances like, H.R.A (House Rent Allowances), D.A (Dearness Allowances), C.C.A (City Compensatory Allowances), T.A (Travel Allowances), Medical and other allowances are provided to the official.

A PO in State Bank of India earns around 8.20 lakhs minimum and maximum of 13.08 lakhs per annum.
As additional benefits, SBI also provides 100%medical insurance for PO and 75% for family members, Cashless treatment in the selected medical facilities around the country, Newspaper Allowances, Books and Magazine Allowances, Petrol Allowances, House Maintenance Allowances, Telephone Bill Reimbursement, Entertainment Allowances, Concessionary interest rates for House Loan, Car Loan and
Personal Loan. There is an ample opportunity for career growth and promotions.

SBI PO Career Growth and Promotion Structure:

- Probationary Officer
- Deputy Manager
- Manager
- Chief Manager
- Assistant General Manager
- Deputy General Manager
- General Manager
- Chief General Manager

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IBPS PO Salary 2019

Institute of Banking Personnel and Selection is the major governing body which recruits the qualified candidates every year in the public banks. IBPS PO is one of the most demanding posts among the aspirants as it is the first step to enter the bank and serve as an officer. The basic salary of a IBPS PO is 23, 700 rupees and the gross salary is around 36, 570 rupees.

Apart from the basic pay, PO in IBPS gets other perks and benefits like Leased accommodation, travelling Allowances, Medical Aid, Newspaper Reimbursement etc.

Salary Details of IBPS PO:

- Basic Pay: 23,700 Rupees.

- Special Allowances: 18, 36.75 Rupees.

- DA (Dearness Allowances): 10, 163.63 Rupees.

- CCA (City Compensatory Allowances): 870 Rupees.

- HRA (Home Rent Allowances): 21, 33 Rupees.
- Gross with HRA: 38, 703.38 Rupees.

- Medical Aid: 8, 000 Rupees.

- Entertainment: 500 Rupees.

- Newspaper: 300 Rupees.

- Petrol: 3000 Rupees.

- Telephone: 400 Rupees.

- Canteen Subsidy: 400 Rupees.

- Pension Contribution: 25, 00 Rupees.

- Gross Annual CTC (with HRA but without leased accommodation): 5, 57, 640 Rupees.

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Co-operative bank PO Salary 2019

The salary of any co-operative bank is not as good as other bank PO. Co-op banks are more of a society banks, which are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. The basic pay of a PO in a Co-op bank is around 30, 000 rupees.

Every state has its own co-operative bank and they mainly serve small industry and self-employed workers. These banks are registered under the Co-operative Societies Act, 1912. The salary of a Co-operative bank PO varies from state to state. 

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Private Bank PO salary 2019

Let’s take an example of one of the private banks. Among all the private banks ICICI is currently the highest ranked private bank. Though, the salary structure of the ICICI bank is quite less as compared to the public sector banks like SBI. The salary of the PO in the ICICI bank is half of the salary offered to the candidates working in the same job profile in the public sector bank like SBI. The salary of a PO in a public sector bank like ICICI is 34, 561 rupees per month, i.e. little more than 4 lakh rupees per year.
Most of the private banks like Axis Bank, Yes Bank, HDCF Bank etc., follows the similar salary structure with minor differences.

Let’s break the monthly salary of a PO of ICICI bank:

 1. Basic Pay: 11, 000 Rupees.

 2. House Rent Allowance: 5, 000 Rupees.

 3. Conveyance Allowance: 25, 00 Rupees.

 4. Superannuation Allowance: 16, 50 Rupees.

 5. Leave Travel Allowance: 2, 000 Rupees.

 6. Additional HRA Allowance: 31, 25 Rupees.

 7. Canteen: 13, 00 Rupees.

 8. Medical: 12, 50 Rupees.

 9. PF & Gratuity: 22, 36 Rupees.

10. Performance Pay: 45, 000 Rupees.

Although, the salary is not always in the hand of the candidate but, it depends up on the overall cost of the company. The benefits and perks are the vital part of the salary of any employee. Considering all the benefits and perks of the PO job, it is worth preparing for this fruitful job.

Therefore, gear up your preparation and get an opportunity to work in the banking sector at managerial position.

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