Bundelkhand University Jhansi

(State University)


This seat of higher learning came into existence on August 26, 1975, vide Government of Uttar Pradesh Notification No. 10/15-60/74 under the provision of the U.P. Universities Act.

Courses Offered

Institute of Basic & Applied Sciences
1.         M.Phil (Physics)
2.         M.Sc.(Physics)
3.         M.Sc. (Electronics)
4.         M. Phil (Chemistry)
5.         M.Sc.(Chemistry)
6.         M. Phil (Botany)
7.         M.Sc.(Botany)
8.         M. Phil (Zoology)
9.         M.Sc.(Zoology)
10.       M.Phil (Mathematics)
11.       M.Phil (Statistics)
12.       M.Sc.(Maths with Computer Applications )
13.       M.Sc (Statistics with Computer Programming)
14.       B.Sc. Math Group (Phys.,Chem,Maths)
15.       B.Sc.Bio group (Zol.,Bot., Chem.)
16.       B.Sc. Statistics group (Phy.,Maths, Statistics)
17.       B. Sc. Geo Group (Phy, Maths,Geo/Bot, Chem., Geo.)
18.       B. Sc. Hon. (Electronics)

Institute of Food Science & Technology
19.       M.Sc.(Food Sc. & Technology)
20.       B.Sc. Hons. (Food Sc. & Tech.)

J.C. Bose Institute of Life Sciences
21.       M.Sc.(Biochemistry)
22.       M.Sc.(Biotechnology)
23.       M.Sc.(Microbiology)
24.       B.Sc.(Hon)Biochemistry
25.       B.Sc.(Hon)Biotechnology
26.       B.Sc.(Hon)Microbiology

Institute of Environment & Development Studies
27.       M.Phil. (Environmental Sciences)
28.       M. Tech. (Nat. Resource Mngt.)
29.       M Sc. Env. Sci. (Env. Biotech)
30.       M.Sc. Env. Sci. (Env. Planning)
31.       M.Sc. Env. Sci. (NRM)
32.       Certificate Course

Institute of Pharmacy
33.       M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics)
34.       M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
35.       M. Pharm (Pharmacology)
36.       M. Pharm (Pharmacognosy)
37.       B.Pharm (**)
38.       D.Pharm

Dr. Ranganathan Institute of Library & Information Sciences
39.       M. Phil. (Lib. & Info. Science)
40.       M. Lib. & Info. Science
41.       B. Lib. & Info. Science

Institute of Computer Science & Information Technology
42.       MCA (**)
43.       M.Sc. (Computer Science)
44.       BCA
45.       B.Sc. (Computer Science)
46.       B.Sc. (Maths, Stats, Computer Sc.)
47.       B.Sc. (IT)

Institute of Home Science
48.       M.Phil. Home Science
49.       M.Sc. Home Science (HDFS)
50.       M.Sc. Home Science(Food & Nutrition)
51.       MA Home Science
52.       B.Sc. Home Science

Institute of Economics & Finance
53.       M.Phil in Economics
54.       MBA (Financial Management)(**)
55.       MFC (Master of Finance and control)
56.       MBEF (Master of Business Econ. & Fin.)
57.       MAE (Master of Applied Economics)
58.       MBA (Finance) Part Time
59.       PGDBM (P. G. Dip .in Business Mngt)
60.       PGDFM (P.G. Dip. In Finance Management)
61.       B.Com. (Hons)
(**) Admission shall also be taken from UPTU Counselling.

Institute of Management Studies
62.       M. Phil (Management)
63.       MBA
64.       MIBM
65.       MBA (Part-time)
66.       Master in Health Care Administration (MHCA) -Part-time Programme
67.       PG Dip. HRD (Evening)
68.       PG Dip. Marketing (Evening)
69.       BBA

Babu Jagjivan Ram Institute of Law
70.       M. Phil
71.       LL.M.
72.       PG Diploma in Labour Law
73.       PG Diploma in Human Rights
74.       PG Diploma in Intl. Prop. Rights
75.       LL.B.
76.       B.A. LL.B. (Integrated)

K. R. Narayanan Institute of International Studies
77.       MA (International Studies)

Bhaskar Institute of Mass Communication & Journalism
78.       M. Phil. in Mass Communication & Journalism
79.       M.A. in Mass Communication & Journalism
80.       PG Diploma in Electronic Media
81.       B.A. in Mass Communication & Journalism

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Social Sciences
82.       M. Phil. (Social Work)
83.       M. Phil. (Sociology)
84.       Master in Social Work
85.       PG Dip. in Health Education
86.       M.A.in Applied Sociology
87.       M.A. Applied Psychology

Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management
88.       M.Phil.( Tourism)
89.       MHM (Master in Hotel Management)
90.       MBA (Hotel Mgmt.)
91.       MTTM (Master in Tourism & Travel Management)
92.       PG Dipl. In Cargo Operations & Management
93.       PG Dipl. In Airlines Ticketing & Itinerary Planning
94.       PG Diploma in Guiding and Destination Interpretation
95.       BHM (Bachelor in Hotel Management)
96.       BTA (Bachelor in Tourism Administration)

Vaidya Pt. R. N. Sharma Institute of Ayurved & Alternative Medical Education& Research
97.       M.Sc. Ayurved & Alternate Medicine
98.       Cert. Course in Naturopathy
99.       Cert. Course in Yoga
100.     Cert. Course in Massage Therapy
101.     Cert. Course in Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Cultivation
102.     Cert. Course in Herbal Formulations
103.     Cert. Course in Herbal Medicine Documentation
104.     Certificate Course in Magnetic Therapy

Institute of Biomedical Sciences
105.     M.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences
106.     B. Sc. (Hon.) Biomedical Science
107.     Advanced PG Diploma in Food Microbial Tech.

Institute of Forensic Science & Criminology
108.     M.Sc. Forensic Science
109.     M.Sc. Anthropology
110.     PG Dip in Forensic Science & Criminology (Part Time)
111.     B.Sc.(Hons) Forensic Sciences

Major Dhyan Chand Institute of Physical Education
112.     Bachelor in Physical Education(BPE)
113.     Bachelor of Physical Education(B. P. Ed)

Institute of Languages
114.     M.A. in English
115.     M.A. in Hindi
116.     M.A. in Sanskrit
117.     MA in Translation
118.     PG dip. in Translation
119.     Diploma in German
120.     Diploma in French
121.     Certificate Course in Functional Hindi
122.     Certificate Course in Functional Sanskrit
123.     Certificate Course in Functional English
124.     Certificate Course in French
125.     Certificate Course in Urdu
126.     Certificate Course in German

Institute of Engineering & Technology
127.     B.Tech. Computer Engineering
128.     B.Tech. Electronics & Communication
129.     B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering
130.     B.Tech. Instrumentation & Control
131.     B.Tech. (Biotechnology Engineering)
132.     B.Tech. (Food Technology)
133.     B.Tech. Biomedical Engineering

Institute of Architecture and Town Planning
134.     B. Architecture
135.     B. Planning

Institute of Fashion Technology
136.     Bachelor in Fashion Technology

Institute of Agriculture Sciences
137.     M.Sc. (Ag) Agro forestry
138.     M.Sc.(Ag) Horticulture
139.     M.Sc. (Ag) Plant Pathology
140.     M.Sc. (Ag) Entomology
141.     M.Sc. (Ag) Genetics & Plant Breeding
142.     M.Sc. (Ag) Economics
143.     M.Sc. (Ag) Seed Technology
144.     M.Sc. (Ag) Agronomy
145.     M.Sc. (Ag) Extension
146.     M.Sc. (Ag) Soil Conservation
147.     M.Sc. (Ag) Animal Husbandry & Dairying
148.     B.Sc.(Ag.)

Institute of Music & Fine Arts
149.     M.Phil (Drawing & Painting)
150.     M.A. Drawing & Painting
151.     B.F.A Drawing & Painting
152.     B.F.A in Sculpture
153.     B.F.A in Commercial Arts
154.     B.F.A Graphics (Print Making)
155.     M. A. Hindustani Instrumental(Tabla)
156.     M. A. Hindustani Classical Vocal
157.     B. Mus. Hindustani Instrumental (Tabla)
158.     B. Mus. Hindustani Classical Vocal

Institute of Education
159.     M. Phil (Education)
160.     M.A. (Education)
161.     M.Ed (Master in Education)
162.     B.Ed. (Bachelor in Education)
163.     B. El. Ed.

Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences
164.     Bachelor of Physiotherapy
165.     Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Institute of Earth Science
166.     M.Sc.(Geology)
167.     MSc. (Remote Sensing & GIS Applications)
168.     M. Tech. in Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing
169.     B.Sc. (Hon) Geology

Institute of Ancient Indian History Culture & Archeology
170.     M. A. Ancient History, Culture & Archeology

Institute of Geographical Sciences
171.     M. A. Geography

Admission Process

Admission is any course would be made on the basis of candidate’s performance in the admission test; if and where, no test in conducted, admission would be made on the basis of aggregate total marks secured by the candidate in / at the qualifying examination and marks obtained by the candidate in eligibility subject
For latest information regarding Courses duration ,eligibility, and fee structure visit college website

Affiliated Colleges

Faculties & Institutes

Faculty of Agriculture

  1. Institute of Agricultural Sciences

Faculty of Arts

  1. Institute of Economics & Finance Management
  2. Dr Ranganathan Institute of Library & Information Science
  3. Dr B R Ambedkar Institute of Social Sciences
  4. Institute of Languages
  5. Bhaskar Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism
  6. Institute of Music & Fine Arts

 Faculty of Commerce

  1. Institute of Management Studies
  2. Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management

Faculty of Education

  1. Institute of Education
  2. Major Dhyan Chand Institute of Physical Education

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

  1. Institute of Engineering & Technology
  2. Institute of Architecture & Town Planning

Faculty of Law

  1. Babu Jagjivan Ram Institute of Law

Faculty of Medicine

  1. Maharani Laxmi Bai Medical College

Faculty of Science

  1. J.C.Bose Institute of Life Sciences
  2. Institute of Basic & Applied Sciences
  3. Institute of Food Science & Technology
  4. Institute of Environment & Development Studies
  5. Institute of Home Science
  6. Institute of Biomedical Sciences
  7. Institute of Pharmacy
  8. Institute of Forensic Science & Criminology
  9. Institute of Computer Science & Information Technology
  10. Vaidya Pt. R.N. Sharma Institute of Ayurved & Alternative Medical Education & Research
  11. Institute of Earth Sciences
  12. Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences

UGC Centers

  1. Veerangna Jhalkaribai Center for Women Studies & Development
  2. Department of Adult Continuing Education, Extension & Field Outreach
  3. Center for Epoch Making Social Thinkers
  4. Day Care Center
  5. Yoga and Meditation Center

Constituent  College

  1. Maharani Laxmi BAi Medical college, Jhansi

Affiliated Colleges

  1. Atara P.G College, Atarra (Banda)
  2. Arya Kanya Degree College, Jhansi
  3. Bipin Bihari College, Jhnasi
  4. BNV Degree College, Rath(Hamirpur)
  5. Bundelkhand College , Jhnasi
  6. CS Azad Institute of Scoience & Technology, Jhnasni
  7. Govt. Degree College, Charkhari(Mahoba)
  8. Dr. R.P. Richariya degree College, Baruasagar (jhansi)
  9. D.V.P.G. Degree College, Orai(Jalaun)
  10. Fundi Singh Louna Govt. Degree College , JAlaun
  11. Gandhi Degree College, Orai(Jalaun)
  12. Goswami Tulsi Das Degree College KArbi(Banda)
  13. Govt. Girls Degree College, Banda
  14. Govt. P.G.College, Hamirpur
  15. Govt. Degree college, Lalitpur
  16. Govt. Degree college, Maudha(hamirpur)
  17. Govt. Degree college, Samthar(Jhansi)
  18. Govt. Degree college, Talbehat(Lalitpur)
  19. Govt. Girls Degree College, Hamirpur
  20. Govt. Girls Degree College, Jhansi
  21. Kalpi Degree College, Kalpi(Jalaun)
  22. Mahamati Prannath Degree College, Mau(Chitrakoot)
  23. Mathura Prasad Patel Degree College, Knoch(Jalaun)
  24. Nehru Degree college ,LAlitpur
  25. Pt. Deen Dayal Upadahaya Govt. degree College. MAhroni(Lalitpur)
  26. Pt. J.L.N. Degree College, Banda
  27. Santana, Dharm Girls Degree College, Orai(Jalaun)
  28. hree Agrasen Degree DCollege, MAnuranipur
  29. Shri Guru Harkishan Degree College, Jhansi
  30. Shri Ganeshi Bai Soni Science Degree College, MAuraipur(jhansi)
  31. Rajeev Gandihi DAV Degree College, Banda
  32. RAm Swaroop Yadav Degree College, Poonch (Jhansi)
  33. Veer Bhoomi Govt. Degree College, Mahoba
  34. Zila PArishad Agriclture College, BAnda
  35. Sri Sukhdev Singh Lauv Kush College, Baberu(Banda)
  36. Smt. Amrat Kunwar College Atarakala(Jalaun)
  37. Pt. VAsu Dev Tiwari Kanya Mahavidayla, Jhansi
  38. Ganga Ram Banke Lala, Mahavidyala, Harsinghpur(Jalaun)
  39. Nagaji Swami Balika college , Bahrua Samerpur(Hamirpur)
  40. Budndelkhand Vidhi Mahavidyala, Orai(Jalaun)
  41. Eklavya Mahavidyalya, Duredi(Banda)
  42. Ram Krishan Mahavidayala, Kurara(Hamirpur)
  43. Late Kamta Prasad Mahavidyalya, Bandausa
  44. Sahid Bhagat Singh Science college, Orai (Jalaun)
  45. Late Bahadur Singh Degree college, Madougarh(Jalaun)
  46. S.R.Degree College, Orai (Jalaun)
  47. Sita RAm Samarpan Degree College, Naraini(Banda)
  48. Tika Ram YAdav Smriti degree College,Moth(Jhnasi)
  49. Bansidhar degree College, Orai(Jalaun)
  50. Laxmicharan Hublal degree college, Akrshan(Jalaun)
  51. Mahendra Surendra Singh Dayasagr Memorila degree college, Tiara KHalipur (Konch)
  52. Chhtarpati Sahhuji Maharaj Girls Degree College, Karvi(CHitraakoot)
  53. Shivdarshan Degree college, Tridawari(Banda)
  54. D.D.Singh Bishen Dgree College, Jhnasi
  55. Sri Ram krisshan DCollege, Hamirpur
  56. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar LAw college, Girwa(anda)
  57. Madhu Tandon MAhila College, KAlpi
  58. LAte Wahi Mohammad Islamia Degree College, Orai(Jalaun)
  59. Maharsi Gautam Buaaha Mahila College, Babreru (Banda)
  60. College of Science and engineering, Ambabai(Jhansi)
  61. Chatrapati Shauji Maharaj college, Narain Khera(Chitrkoot)
  62. Swami vivekanand College, Jhnasi
  63. Pt. Parshuram Diwedi College, Jagamanpur(Jalaun)
  64. Shri Radha Krishana Mahila college, Harsinghpur (Jalaun)
  65. Govt. Degree College, Manikpur(Chitrakoot)
  66. Rama Nath Vimla Devi Khera Institute of education,Jhnasi
  67. Hiranand, Mahavidyalya, Viwar
  68. Kailiashi Devi, Sharwankumari, Mahavidyalya, Hamirpur
  69. Abhinav Pragya Mahavidyalaya, Lodhipur Niwari
  70. Rajo Devi Degree College, Banda
  71. Roshan Singh Badam Singh Gayatri Mahavidyalya, Karari
  72. Lt. Shri Gafuur Khan Degree College, Kadora, Jalaun
  73. Ghana Ram Hari Ram Mahavidyalya, Mindra JAlaun
  74. Sahid Singhran MAhavidyalya, Pirouna Jalaun
  75. Villag Girls Degree College, Raigarh, Jhansi
  76. Bulandshahar College of Pharmacy, Buladshahar


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