Panjab University Chandigarh
(State University)


The glorious traditions of the University, established during the period of more than 125 years of its long service to the nation and since its inception in 1882 at Lahore (now in Pakistan), are a source of inspiration for the present generation of faculty members and students

After the partition in 1947, the University was constrained to function for almost a decade without having a campus of its own. The administrative office was located at Solan and the teaching departments functioned from Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Delhi and Amritsar. It was in 1956 that the University was relocated at Chandigarh.

The University has been recognized by the UGC as the “University with Potential for Excellence in Bio-Medical Sciences” with facilities for Stem Cell Research and Drug Development.

Courses Offered

Ph.D. Courses:
University Offers Ph.D in following disciplines: Centre for Women Studies, Defence Studies, Economics, Gandhian Studies, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Chinese/Tibetan, English, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Russian, Urdu/Persian, Anthropology, Bio-Chemistry, Bio-Physics, Bio-Technology, Chemistry, Computer Science & Applications, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Environmental Studies, Geology, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics, Zoology, History of Arts, Indian Theatre and Music
Postgraduate, graduate and diploma courses

1. M.Phil.  Economics, Gandhian Studies, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Women/Gender Studies, English, Guru Granth Sahib Studies, Punjabi, Physical Education, Music, Botany, Physics, Statistics and Zoology, Defence & Strategic Studies

2. B.E.:  Chemical, Food Technology, Biotechnology, Electronics & Communication Engg., Information Technology, Computer Science & Engg., Mechanical Engg., Electrical Engg.

3. M.Tech /ME : Instrumentation, Microelectronics, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, Polymer (Full time + Part time), Chemical, Electronic and Communication Engg.

4. Other Professional undergraduate and postgraduate courses  BDS, LL.B., LL.M., B.Ed (4 yr. integrated); Regional Centres Ludhiana and Mukstar: LL.B., M.B.A., MCA; B.Phama, M.Pharma, M.Lib. & Information Science, M.A. Physical Education, M.B.A. (Executive), M.B.A. (Bio-technology), M.B.A. (Retail Management), M.B.A. (Telecommunication and IT), M.B.A. (Infrastructural Management), M.B.A. (Pharmaceutical Management), M.B.A. (Hospital Administration), B.E. (Chemical) with MBA -5 yr Integrated Course, M.Pharm. in Drug Discovery & Drug Development M.Pharm. in Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance

5. B.Sc, M.Sc. (Hons. School)  Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science & Applications, Microbiology and Zoology, Anthropology, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, 5 yr Integrated B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Fashion & Life Style, Physics and Electronics

6. Master.s Courses (M.Sc and M.A)  Biotechnology, Human Genomics, Environment Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology, Defence and National Security Studies, Economics, Education, French, Geography, German, Hindi, History, Punjabi, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Urdu, M.Ed., M.Ed. (Guidance and Counselling), M.Ed. (Educational Technology). M.A. English, Gandhian and Peace Studies, History of Art, Indian Theatre, Music (Instrumental + Vocal), Sanskrit. Mass Communication and Journalism (2 yr. course). M.Com. (E-commerce), Solid Waste Management, System Biology & Bioinformatics, Medical Physics, Nuclear Medicine, Public Health, Police Administration, Social Work, Human Rights & Duties. Stem-Cell and Tissue Engineering(H.S.),Microbial Biotechnology, Remote Sensing & GIS Master in Disaster Management, Physics and Electronics

7. Certificate Courses  Chinese, French, Functional Punjabi, German, Persian, Russian, Tibetan, Urdu. Certificate course in Art Appreciation, Short Term Course in Instrumental Analysis

8. Diploma Courses  Chinese, French, Functional Punjabi, German, Persian, Russian, Tibetan, Urdu. Diploma in Heritage Tourism

9. Advanced Diploma Courses Chinese, French, German, Proficiency in Interpretership for Tibetan, Persian, Russian and Urdu.

10. Postgraduate Diploma Courses Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. Regional Centre Ludhiana: Postgraduate Diploma in Export Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship Management, NRI Entrepreneurship Management,Disaster Management & Security,Hindi Journalism,Punjabi Journalism, Advertising & Public Relations,Executive Course in Disaster Management & Security(3 months)

11. Department of Evening Studies  B.A., B.Com., M.A. English, Economics, History and Political Science
12. Post-M.Sc. Courses Post-M.Sc. Course in Accelerator Physics, Advanced Scientific Computation (Physics Department)
Distance Course Offered
The present study programmes consist of the following courses:

  1. Bachelor of Arts (Three Year Integrated Course)
  2. Bachelor of Commerce (Three Year Course)
  3. Bachelor of Library & Information Science (One Year Course).
  4. Master of Arts (annual system)
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Economics
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology.
    • Master of Commerce (Two Year Course, Annual System),
    • Master of Finance & Control (MFC) (Two Year Course).
    • Master of Education (M.Ed.) (For in-service teachers) (Two year Course).

(i) Post Graduate Diploma in Health, Family Welfare and Population Education
(ii) Diploma in Statistics
(iii) One Year Post-Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication
(iv) Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

9.Certificate Course in Vivekananda Studies.

Open Courses


  • B.A. Parts I, II and III (10 + 2 + 3 Scheme)
  • B.Com. Parts I, II and III (10 + 2 + 3 Scheme)
  • Bachelor of Library & Information Science (One Year Course)
  • B.Ed., Two year Course for in service teachers (Admission through Entrance Test only)


  • M.A.I & II (English, Hindi Punjabi Political Science, History, Economics Public Administration (Semester System), Sociology)
  • Master of Finance & Control ( M.F.C. Part I and Part-II)
  • Master of Commerce (M.Com Part-I and Part-II)
  • M.Ed. ( For in service teachers) Admission through Entrance Test only.


  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Health, Family Welfare and Population Education
  • Diploma in Statistics ( D.St.)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication ( PGDMC)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications ( PGDCA)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights and Duties ( PGDHR & D)
  • Postgraduate (Advance) Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga. (P.G.D.N.Y.)

Certificate Course in Vivekananda Studies.

    Admission Process

    Admission is any course would be made on the basis of candidate's performance in the admission test OCET ; if and where, no test in conducted, admission would be made on the basis of aggregate total marks secured by the candidate in / at the qualifying examination and marks obtained by the candidate in eligibility subject
    For latest information regarding Courses duration ,eligibility, and fee structure visit college website

    Affiliated colleges

    1  D.A.V. College, Sec. 10  Chandigarh  2743980 
    2  Govt. College for Boys, Sec. 11  Chandigarh  2747393 
    3  Govt. College for Girls, Sec. 11  Chandigarh  2747394 
    4  Govt. College of Education, Sec. 20  Chandigarh  2705518 
    5  S.G.G.S. College, Sec. 26  Chandigarh  2790312, 2792754 
    6  Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Sec. 26  Chandigarh  2791610 
    7  G.G.D.S.D. College, Sec. 32  Chandigarh  2600090, 5001046-49, Extn. 205 
    8  MCM DAV College for Women, Sec. 36  Chandigarh  2620188, 2603355 
    9  Dev Samaj College of Education, Sec. 36  Chandigarh  2603652, 2603241 
    10  Govt. College for Girls, Sec. 42  Chandigarh  2602741 
    11  Dev Samaj College for Women, Sec. 45  Chandigarh  2603497 
    12  Govt. College, Sec. 46  Chandigarh  2604060 
    13  Govt. College of Art, Sec. 10  Chandigarh  2742873, 2744896 
    14  Govt. College of Home Science, Sec. 10  Chandigarh  2743471 
    15  Chandigarh College of Architecture  Chandigarh  2746029, 2747741 
    16  PGI of Medical Education & Research  Chandigarh  2745062, 2747585 (PBX) 
    17  National Institute of Nursing Education, Sec. 12  Chandigarh  2755256, 2755257, 2745062 Extn. 201, 372 
    18  Brahmrishi Yoga Training College, Sec. 19  Chandigarh  2725390, 2540128 
    19  Govt. Medical College, Sec. 32  Chandigarh  2662000 
    20  Shri Dhanwantry Ayurvedic College, Sec. 46-B  Chandigarh  5046201, 5046202, 2600921, 2661876 
    21  Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Sec. 26  Chandigarh  2791760, 2793327 
    22  National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training & Research, Sec. 26  Chandigarh  2792369, 2791349 
    23  Chandigarh College of Engg.& Tech., Sec 26  Chandigarh  2794942, 2792872 
    24  D.A.V. College  Abohar  01634-220355 
    25  D.A.V. College of Education  Abohar  01634-220296 
    27  Gopichand Arya Mahila College  Abohar  01634-220264 
    28  Guru Nanak Khalsa College  Abohar  01634-232320, 222216 
    29  Arjan Dass College  Dharamkot  01682-220049, 222298, 56049 
    30  M.R.Govt.College  Fazilka  01638-62960, 62662 
    31  R.S.D.College  Ferozepur City  01632-220254, 24344 
    32  Dev Samaj College of Education for Women  Ferozepur City  01632-222148 
    33  Dev Samaj College for Women  Ferozepur City  01632-222145, 229145 
    34  D.A.V. College for Women  Ferozepur Cantt  01632-244509 
    35  Guru Nanak College  Ferozepur Cantt  01632-244553 
    36  G.G.S.DAV Centenary College  Jalalabad (W)  01638-250269, 250358 
    37  Govt.College  Zira  01682-250665 
    38  S.G.H.R. Sahib College for Women  Chhabewal (Hoshiarpur)  01882-270981, 250036, 98145-18727 
    39  Saini Bar College  Bulhowal (Hoshiarpur)  01882-265336, 265218, 265776 
    40  J.C. DAV College  Dasuya (Hoshiarpur)  01883-286600 
    41  G.T.B. Khalsa College for Women  Dasuya (Hoshiarpur)  01883-285327, 285166, 98141-80119 
    42  B.A.M.Khalsa College  Garhshankar (Hoshiarpur)  01884-282359, 98148-98289 
    43  D.A.V. College for Girls  Garhshankar (Hoshiarpur)  01884-282003 
    44  Khalsa College  Garhdiwala (Hoshiarpur)  01886-260940 
    45  G.G.D.S.D. College  Hariana (Hoshiarpur)  01886-250041, 250018 
    46  Govt. College  Hoshiarpur  01882-255460 
    47  S.D. College  Hoshiarpur  01882-249968, 248268, 248068 
    48  D.A.V. College  Hoshiarpur  01882-242525, 220858 
    49  D.A.V. College of Education  Hoshiarpur  01882-222616, 228633 
    50  V.V.R.I.  Hoshiarpur  01882-223606, 223582 
    51  Public Khalsa College for Women  Kandhala Jattan (Hoshiarpur)  01886-231232, 224671 
    52  S.G.G.S. College  Mahilpur  01884-245236 
    53  M.B.G. Govt. College, Brahampuri  Pojewal (Hoshiarpur)  01885-244624 
    54  M.B.B.G.G.G. College for Girls  Rattewal  01885-240682 
    55  M.B.B.G.R.G.C. Girls College  Mansowal (Beet) Garhshankar (Hoshiarpur)  01884-265649, 01882-221900 
    56  SMS Karamjot College for Women  Miani (Hoshiarpur)  01886-245391, 245747 
    57  Govt. Arts and Science College  Talwara (Hoshiarpur)  01883-236329 
    58  Swami Premanand Mahavidyalaya  Mukerian (Hoshiarpur)  01883-248307, 244070, 245739, 94170-48307 
    59  G.K.S.M. Govt. College  Tanda Urmar (Hoshiarpur)  01886-222024 
    60  Guru Nanak College of Education  Dalewal, PO Hariana (Hoshiarpur)  01886-211291 
    61  Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women  Shamchaurasi  01882-263262, 221467 
    62  Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Education  Vill. Beghpur Kamlooh (Mukerian)  98158-41143 
    63  Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa College of Education  Dasuya (Hoshiarpur)  01883-50037 
    64  G.T.B. National College  Dakha (Ludhiana)  0161-2878104 
    65  Guru Nanak National College  Doraha (Ludhiana)  01628-258560, 257097 
    66  G.H.G. Khalsa College of Education  Gurusar Sadhar  01624-275228 
    67  G.H.G. Khalsa College  Gurusar Sadhar, Ludhiana  01624-275227 
    68  L.R.DAV College  Jagraon  01624-223260 
    69  S.Govt.College of Science, Education & Research  Jagraon  01624-223242 
    70  Shri Ram College  Dalla Teh. Jagraon (Ludhiana)  01624-231954 
    71  G.G.S. Khalsa College for Women  Jhar Sahib (Ludhiana)  01628-271290, 271692 
    72  G.G.S.Khalsa College for Women  Kamalpura (Ludhiana)  01624-232395, 232524 
    73  Govt. College, Karamsar  Ludhiana  01628-273059 
    74  A.S.College  Khanna (Ludhiana)  01628-228470 
    75  A.S. College for Women  Khanna (Ludhiana)  01628-220670 
    76  Mata Ganga Khalsa College for Girls  Kottan (Ludhiana)  01628-289292 
    77  G.G.N. Khalsa College  Ludhiana  0161-2401546 
    78  Arya College  Ludhiana  0161-2446660, 2443362, 2440766 
    79  S.C.D. Govt. College  Ludhiana  0161-2448899 
    80  Khalsa College for Women  Ludhiana  0161-2420987, 5086077 
    81  S.D.P. College for Women  Ludhiana  0161-2741830 
    82  MTS Mremorial College for Women  Ludhiana  0161-2740380 
    83  Ramgarhia Girls College  Ludhiana  0161-2547516 
    84  Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women  Ludhiana  0161-2424668 
    85  Guru Nanak Girls College  Ludhiana  0161-2423872 
    86  Devki Devi Jain Memorial College for Women  Ludhiana  0161-2224682 
    87  D.D. Jain College of Education  Ludhiana  0161-2225987 
    88  Govt. College for Women  Ludhiana  0161-2449650, 2442744 
    89  Malwa Central College of Education for Women  Ludhiana  0161-2410920 
    90  Kamla Lohtia S.D.College  Ludhiana  0161-2745688 
    91  B.C.M. College of Education  Ludhiana  0161-5005817, 2223252 
    92  Partap College of Education  Ludhiana (Hambran Road)  0161-2808018 
    93  Govind National College  Narangwal (Ludhiana)  0161-2864239 
    94  S.G.G.J. Girls College  Raikot (Ludhiana)  01624-264018 
    95  Mai Bhago College for Women  Ramgarh (Ludhiana)  0161-2843268 
    96  BSSG Govt. College  Sidhsar, PO Nizampur (Via Khanna Dhamot) Ludhiana  01628-279070 
    97  Malwa College  Bondli Samrala (Ludhiana)  01628-263153 
    98  Khalsa College for Women  Sidhwan Khurd (Ludhiana)  01624-257259 
    99  GHG Harparkash College of Education for Women  Sidhwan Khurd, Ludhiana  01624-257243 
    100  National College for Women  Machhiwara (Ludhiana)  01628-250173 
    101  Gobindgarh Public College  Alour (Khanna) (Ludhiana)  01765-259779, 251770 
    102  Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce & Management  Vill.Jhande, PO Thrike (Ludhiana)  0161-2804227 
    103  R.V.College for Women (Galwadi)  Khanna (Ludhiana)  01628-507711, 98150-82576 
    104  G.M.T. College of Education, Jalandhar Bypass  Ludhiana  0161-2780508 
    105  Gobindgarh College of Education, Near Vill. Alour  Khanna  01765-259760 
    106  Doraha College of Education  Doraha (Ludhiana)  01628-256301 
    107  Lala Lajpat Rai Govt. College  Dhudike (Moga)  01636-289023, 98761-61950 
    108  Guru Nanak Govt. College  Guru Tegh Bahadurgarh (Moga)  01636-280700 
    109  SDS College of Education for Women  Lopon (Moga)  01636-252016 
    110  SDS College for Women  Lopon (Moga)  01636-252370 
    111  Jagat Sewak Khalsa College for Women  Amargarh Parao, Mehna (Moga)  01636-270051 
    112  Baba Lachhman Singh College for Women  Mallianwala (Moga)   
    113  D.M. College  Moga  01636-222528 
    114  D.M. College of Education  Moga  01636-224368 
    115  Guru Nanak College  Moga  01636-224102, 224231 
    116  S.D. College for Women  Moga  01636-220174, 229468, 394425 
    117  Sant Baba Bhag Singh Memorial Girls College  Sukhanand (Moga)  01636-249590, 249699 
    118  Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial College of Education  VPO Dhudike (Moga)  01636-299087 
    119  Lala Hans Raj Memorial College of Education  VPO Talwandi, Bhangerian, Teh. & Distt.Moga  01636-278690-91 
    120  Sant Baba Bhag Singh Memorial College of Education for Girls  Sukhanand (Moga)  01636-249590, 249699, 210137 
    121  Shukdeva Krishana College of Education for Women  Ghall Kalan Moga  01636-396901, 93575-47956 
    122  Moga College of Education for Girls  Moga  01636-501072 
    123  Babe Ke College of Education  VPO Dahudhar (Moga)   
    124  Baba Mangal Singh Institute of Education  Moga  01636-210137, 297137 
    125  Satyam College of Education  Ghall Kalan (Moga)  01636-309426, 265600 
    126  Tagore College of Education  Fatehgarh (Moga)  01636-395475 
    127  Maharishi Dayanand College of Education  Abohar (Vill. Azimgarh)  01634-232240 
    128  Guru Ram Dass B.Ed. College  Jalalabad (W), Distt.Ferozepur  01638-251060, 94177-22700 
    129  Lala Jagat Naryan Education College  Jalalabad (W) (Ferozepur)  01638-309898 
    130  Shaheed Udham singh Govt. College  Vill.Mohan Ke Hithar, Guru Har Sahai, Distt.Ferozepur   
    131  DAV College of Education, Near Hanuman Mandir  Fazilka  264146 
    132  Jyoti B.Ed. College, Abohar Road  Fazilka  01638-260299, 281732 
    133  Dashmesh Girls College  Badal (Muktsar)  01637-244596 
    134  MMD DAV College  Gidderbaha (Muktsar)  01637-233200, 230147 
    135  D.A.V. College  Malout (Muktsar)  01637-262188 
    136  Guru Nanak College  VPO Killianwali, Muktsar  01668-222345 
    137  Govt. College  Muktsar  01633-262120 
    138  Dashmesh Khalsa College  Muktsar  01633-262038 
    139  Guru Nanak College For Girls  Muktsar  01633-260229 
    140  Khalsa College of Education  Muktsar  01633-262262 
    141  J.D. College of Education  Muktsar  01633-263981 
    142  Dashmesh Girls College of Education  VPO Badal (Muktsar)  01637-244719 
    143  Kalgidhar Institute of Higher Education  Malout  01637-395103, 98150-66400, 98760-97760 
    144  Muktisar Institute of Higher Education  Muktsar  01633-501502 
    145  Sri Satya Sai Education College  VPO Karaiwala, Teh.Gidderbaha (Distt. Muktsar)  01637-277428 
    146  Saint Sahara College of Physical Education,Ferozepur Road  Muktsar  01633-501236, 98153-78888 
    147  Maharaja Ranjit Singh College, Bhatinda Road  Malout (Muktsar)  01637-395644, 502744 
    148  Mata Gurdev Kaur Memorial Shahi Sports College of Physical Education  Vill.Jhakroudi, PO Bhagwanpura (Teh.Samrala)  01628-263343, 263346 
    149  Rayat College of Education  Railmajra (Nawanshahar)  01881-270500, 270691 Extn. 353 
    150  Rayat College of Law  Railmajra (Nawanshahar)  01881-270500, 270792 Extn. 336 
    151  M.L.B.G. Girls College  Tapprian Khurd (Teh. Balachaur) (Nawanshahr)  01885-236152 
    152  B.K.M. College of Education  Balachaur (Nawanshahr)  01885-220003 
    153  Bhag Singh Khalsa College for Women  Kala Tiba (Abohar)  01634-220482, 228201, 220201 
    154  Guru Nanak College of Law  VPO Gopalpur, Distt. Ludhiana   
    155  Bengal College of Law  Vill. Jaladiwal, Teh. Raikot, Distt. Ludhiana   
    156  Guru Hargobind Institute of Law for Women  Sidhwan Khurd (Ludhiana)   
    157  Bhai Nagahia Singh Memorial Girls College  VPO Alamgir, Distt. Ludhiana  2811279 
    158  Baba Kundan Singh College (Co-Edu.)  Vill. Muhar, PO Mandir, Teh. Zira, Distt. Ferozpur   
    159  Mahara Brahma Nand Bhuri Wale Garib Dassi Rana Gajendra Chand B.Ed. Girls College  Mansowal PO Bindowal, Teh. Garhshankar, Hoshiarpur   
    160  Bhutta College of Education  Alamgir, Rara Sahib Road, Bhutta Ludhiana  0161-2853256-57-58, 2458971, 5010571 
    161  Sant Baba Hari Singh Memorial College of Education  Mahilpur, Hoshiarpur   
    162  Baba Nehal Singh College  Muktsar (Baba Nehal Singh Street)   
    163  H.K.L.College of Education  Guru Har Sahai, Teh. Jalalabad (W) (Guddar Dhandi Road)   
    164  Guru Gobind Singh College of Education  Giddarbaha Muktsar   
    165  Babe ke College of Education  VPO Mudki, Distt. Ferozpur   
    166  G.G.S. College of Education  Malout (Dabwali)   
    167  Surjit Memorial College of Education  Vill. Malwal PO Piarayana (Ferozpur)   
    168  Guru Nanak College of Education  VPO Gopalpur, Malerkotla Road, Ludhiana  0161-2850561 
    169  Nankana Sahib College of Education  Vill. Kot Gangu Rai, Ludhiana  0161-2834497 
    170  Sadbhavna College of Education for Women  Raikot (Ludhiana)  01624-320185 
    171  G.G.S. Khalsa College of Education for Women  VPO Kamalpura, Teh. Jagraon Distt. Ludhiana  01624-232524 
    172  Dashmesh Girls College Chak Ala Baksh  Mukerian (G.T. Road) (Hoshiarpur)  01883-245945, 248871 

    List of Education Colleges, Granted Affiliation during year:

    01. Rayat college of Education. Rail majra Distt-Nawanshahar
    02. Lala Lajpat Rai memorial college of Edu.VPO Dhudike (Moga)
    03. Guru Nanak college of Edu. Vill Dalewal (Bhunga) P.O Hariana Distt Hoshiarpuur

    2004-2005:- Nil

    01. Baba mangal Singh institute of Edu .Bhugipur Distt Moga
    02. BKM college of Edu. Balachaur Distt Nawanshahar
    03. Satyam college of Edu. Ghall kalan Distt Moga
    04. Guru Ram Dass B.Ed College. Jalalabad (w) Distt Ferozepur.
    05. Lala Hans Raj Memorial college of Education .VPO Talwandi Bhungeria (Moga)
    06. LalaJagatNarayanEducation college.Jalalabad (w) Distt Ferozepur
    07. Muktisar Institute of Higher Education. Muktsar
    08. Kalgidhar Institute of Higher Education. Near Danewala chowk kingra road Malout
    09. Doraha college of Edu. Doraha Distt Ludhiana
    10. Baba ke college of Edu. VPO Daudhar (Moga)
    11. JoytiB.Ed college. Abhor Road Fazilka
    12. Dashmesh girls’ college of Education. Badal (Muktsar)
    13. Sant Baba Bhag Singh memorial college of Education for Girls. Sukhanand (Moga)
    14. Guru Teg Bahadur khalsa college of Education .Dasuya (Hoshiorpur)
    15. G.M.T college of Edu. Jalandhar Bypass, Ludhiana.
    16. J.D college of Edu .Muktsar
    17. D.A.V college of Edu. college road near hanuman mandir fazilka (ferozepur)
    18. Sri Guru Gobind Singh college of Edu. Vill Beghpur kamhooh Distt Hoshiarpur.
    19. Shukhdeva Krishna college of Edu for Women. Ghall Kalan Moga
    20. Gobindgarh college of Edu. Alour (Khanna) Distt Ludhiana
    21. Maharishi Dayanand college of Edu .Vill Azimgarh (Abohar) Distt Ferozepur
    22. Moga college of Edu for girls. Ghall kalan (Moga)

    01. Guru Govind Singh Khalsa college of Edu for women. Vill Kamalpura Distt Ludhiana
    02. Guru Nanak college of Edu .Vill Malerkotla Road Gopalpur Distt Ludhiana
    03. Surjeet Memorial college of Edu .Vill malwal P, O-Pariana Distt Ferozepur
    04. Nankana sahib college of Edu .Vill Kot Gangu Rai Distt Ludhiana
    05. College of Edu for women. Raikot Distt Ludhiana (Now Sadbhavna College of Education for Women, Raikot)
    06. Sant baba hari Singh memorial college of Edu .Mahilpur Distt Hoshiarpur
    07. Sri Guru Gobind Singh college of Edu. Gidderbaha Distt Muktsar
    08. HKL college of Edu. Guddar Dhandi Road Guru harsahai Jalalabad Distt Ferozepur
    09. GGS college of Edu. Dabwali Road Malout
    10. Babe Ke college of Edu.VPO Mudki Distt Ferozepur
    11. Baba Nehal Singh B.Ed college .Baba nehal Singh Street Muktsar.
    12. Bhutta college of Edu. VPO Bhutta Distt Ludhiana.



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