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the necklace important questions



Class 10 English NCERT Solutions

CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 7 The Necklace Important Question Answers from Footprints without Feet Book




NCERT Solutions of Chapter 7 The Necklace Important Questions and Answers 


The Neckalce Important Questions – Subjective Questions


Q1. People are born different with different characteristics and that is how people are analyzed.

On the basis of your reading, analyse how M. and Mme Loisel were similar and different from each other?


Important Points-


Both M and Mme Loisel belong to families of clerks. Both are simple, enjoy life. Though there is one major difference



Satisfied, happy

Was glad to bring an invitation to make her happy

Gave alternative


Unhappy, dissatisfied

She was annoyed on this too

She rejected them


Matilda’s unhappiness and overambitious nature bestowed all the suffering upon her. Her husband helped her return the necklace, gave away the money inherited from his father, got loans also.

Took them 10 years to repay.


Q2. Why do you think Matilda married a petty clerk although she felt that she was born for delicacies and luxuries?

Important Points-

Due to an error of destiny, Matilda was born in a family of clerks.

No dowry, no hopes, no means of becoming known, loved and married by a rich or distinguished man.

So she married a petty clerk in the board of Education.


Q3. How can we say that Mme Loisel was a mistake of destiny?

Important Points-

Mme Loisel desired a luxurious life. Elegant dinners, shining silver, exquisite food served in marvelous dishes.

Wanted expensive clothes, jewelry.

Remained unhappy on meeting rich school friends

Hated her poverty stricken life of a family of clerks

Thus we can infer that her birth in a family of clerks and marriage to a petty clerk were mistakes of destiny.


Q4. What is the twist at the end of the story the necklace?

Important Points-

Matilda had borrowed a diamond necklace, she lost it.

In order to replace it, they had to borrow money, use all the savings. They bought it for thirty-six thousand Francs and it took them ten years to repay the money.

Matilda had to live a horrible life of necessity to help save all that they could.

One Sunday, while walking at the Champs-Elysees, Matilda met Jeanne.

As they had paid back the debt now, Matilda disclosed the fact that she had lost Jeanne’s necklace and replaced it with a new one which led them to such misery.

It was then that Jeanne tells Matilda that her necklace was not worth more than five hundred Francs, it was of false diamonds. 


Q5. What were the three mistakes that Matilda committed?

Important Points-

  1. Always unhappy
  2. Borrowed the necklace and lost it
  3. Did not disclose the loss to the friend. 


Q6. Imagine that upon losing the necklace Matilda shares the news with Mme Forestier. Prepare a dialogue between the two women highlighting their qualities as you have read in the story.

Important Points-

Matilda: Dear Jeanne, I have a bad news.

Forestier: What happened, dear?

Matilda: The necklace that I borrowed from you is lost. We checked everywhere – the minister’s residence, the carriage, our house, but it is nowhere.

Forestier: Oh my, How could you do this! It was my favourite necklace. I had got it as a gift from my husband. Now what will I tell him?

Matilda: Dear Jeanne, don’t worry. I will replace your necklace with a new one. We have planned to take a loan and give away all the savings too. I have checked at a shop in Palais-Royal, they have a chaplet of diamonds which looks just like yours.

Forestier: Oh no my dear, you won’t have to do all that. My necklace was of false diamonds and did not cost more than five hundred Francs.

Matilda: What! Oh my God! We are saved. I have learnt a lesson too. I vow to live happily with whatever I have and not envy anyone.


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The Necklace Important Questions (1 Mark)


Q1. Find the synonym of ‘vexation’.

  1. a) companionship
  2. b) rage
  3. c) affection
  4. d) discomfort



Q2. “She placed it about her throat against her dress, and was ecstatic.” What does this indicate about Matilda’s feelings?

  1. a) She was satisfied
  2. b) She was sad
  3. c) She was happy
  4. d) She was thankful



Q3. What out of the following did Loisel not do in order to find the lost necklace?

  1. a) Went to the police
  2. b) Searched for the cab
  3. c) Advertised in a newspaper
  4. d) Got the CCTV Footage



Q4. What excuse did Matilda make for the delay in returning the necklace?

  1. a) She had lost it
  2. b) She had given it for cleaning
  3. c) She had to get it repaired
  4. d) None of these



Q5. When Matilda returned the necklace, why was Forestier’s tone frigid?

  1. a) She knew that her necklace had been lost
  2. b) She was annoyed due to the delay
  3. c) She was a frigid person by nature
  4. d) Her husband had scolded her



Q6. Pick the option that correctly 

classifies fact (F) and opinions (O).

  1. Matilda and Jeanne studied together at the convent.
  2. Matilda was of a royal lineage and had been given away in adoption.
  3. Loisel suggested that she wear natural flowers.
  4. The bought the necklace for thirty-six thousand Francs.


  1. a) All are opinions
  2. b) All are facts
  3. c) F – 1, 3, 4; O – 2.
  4. d) F – 3; O – 1, 2, 4



Q7. Why did Forestier not recognize Matilda?

  1. a) She had changed due to the hardships
  2. b) She had changed due to cosmetic surgery
  3. c) She was wearing a veil over her face
  4. d) Not mentioned



Q8. How many years did it take them to repay the loan?

  1. a) 5
  2. b) 12
  3. c) 15
  4. d) 10



Q9. Which of the following is a synonym of ‘bewilderment’?

  1. a) fascination
  2. b) attraction
  3. c) anxiousness
  4. d) verification



Q10. In which office did Loisel work?

  1. a) Board of Industry
  2. b) Board of education
  3. c) Board of justice
  4. d) Not mentioned





English Chapter 7 The Necklace Extra Question Answers

Q1)      What kind of a person is Mme Loisel — why is she always unhappy?

Ans)     Mme Loisel is a very unhappy and unsatisfied person. She is not happy with her married life, her house or for that matter anything in her life. She always keeps on dreaming about how her life would have been if she were born in a rich house, married in a rich house and had lots of money to buy things. She is a greedy woman and always keeps on thinking of having more and more things.

Q2)      What kind of a person is her husband?

Ans)     Her husband is a very caring and a loving man. He is not greedy as he stays happy with whatever he has. He appreciates the little things that life has given him and does not want to see his wife unhappy for which he sacrifices his own needs.

Q3)      What fresh problem now disturbs Mme Loisel?

Ans)     Mme Loisel’s husband agrees to buy her a dress worth 400 francs and sacrifices his own requirement of buying a gun but Mme. Loisel, being a greedy woman starts acting strangely and demands jewelry to wear or else she will not go to the party.

Q4)      How is the problem solved?

Ans)     When she does not agree to wear flowers to the party, her husband suggests her to approach her friend Mme Forestier who is a rich lady and would lend her jewellery to wear at the party.

Q5)      What do M. and Mme Loisel do next?

Ans)     M and Mme. Loisel make a lot of efforts after they realize that they have lost the necklace. They try to remember the cab number so that they can check there, M. loisel goes to the tracks where she could have dropped it,  reports at the police station and cab offices. He also gives an advertisement in the newspaper saying that the person who returns it will be rewarded but nothing works. So they finally decide to replace the necklace by buying a necklace similar to the one they have lost.

Q6)      How do they replace the necklace?

Ans)     They buy a necklace from a shop for 36000 francs. They themselves have only 18000 francs so they borrow the rest of the money by making up false stories and taking loans from a lot of lenders.



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