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Sadio Mané Bio Biography and Net Worth

Sadio Mané is a Senegalese player and a philanthropist, considered as one of the greatest African players of all time and one of the best players in the current generation. He plays forward for the Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Senegal National Team and is specifically known for his remarkable pressing,dribbling and speed. 


Sadio Mané Bio Biography and Net Worth
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Full Name: Sadio Mané 

Age: 30 years

Height: 1.74m 

Weight: 69kg(approx)

Position: Forward/Winger

Net Worth: $25M (approx)

With his recent transfer to Bayern Munich from Liverpool, it has been reported that Mané is being paid a whopping 19.8 million euros, one of the highest salaries in the club’s history. In addition to this, Bayern Munich paid approximately 32 million euros to Liverpool for his transfer. Moreover, he also earns about $5 million from endorsing different brands such as New Balance, Western Union, Indonesia Tourism,etc. Even when in Liverpool, Mané had a stunning salary of $150000 weekly along with his endorsement deals as well making him one of the highest earners in the sport. 

Early years:

Sadio Mané was born on 10 April, 1992 to Satou Toure(mother) and his father whose name has never been mentioned (and died when he was 7 years old) in Sédhiou, Senegal. Being born in an impoverished family Mané always wanted to earn more and take his family out of this condition, however his father(an imam) forbade him to pursue a career in football and as a matter of fact any sport as a child. Mané, at the age of 15 escaped his home village and went to Dakar to become a footballer, but coming from a religious family, it took him a long time and a lot of convincing for his family to accept his career in football. He started playing in M’Bour, in 2009 when he was spotted by scouts.

Sadio Mané Early years
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Club Career:-


  • Mané joined Metz, a French club in 2011 which had a partnership with Génération Foot, a club that he was referred to by the scouts when playing in M’Bour in 2009.
  • He made his official professional debut on 14 January 2012, coming on as a substitute in a game against Bastia in Ligue 2. 
  • He made a total of 19 appearances in his very first league season with 12 as a starter.
  • The team was relegated to the Championnat National at the end of the season.


Sadio Mané Career
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Red Bull Salzburg:

  • In 2012, Mané moved to Red Bull Salzburg after Metz set an asking price to  €4 million after being upped from  €2 million, making it the third-biggest transfer fee that Metz had ever received.
  • He scored his first hat-trick for the club in 2012, in a win against SC Kalsdorf in the Austrian Cup.
  •  He then continued to perform excellently in the Austrian club in 2013, by scoring a hat-trick in a game against Grödig, another treble in 2014 in a 7-0 win against Horn, leading the team to winning a domestic double.
  • However, by the end of 2014 he was forced to transfer due to irregularity in coming to training on time, and coming late to an important match and a pre-match meeting as well for the team.

Sadio Mané red bull
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  • Transferring to Premier League side, Mané in September of 2014 decided to sign with Southampton for £11.8 million.
  • He debuted 22 days later in a 2-1 victory over Arsenal winning a Penalty goal.
  • On 16 May 2015, Mané scored three goals in a matter of 2 minutes and 56 seconds in a 6-1 victory over Aston Villa and set a new record for the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League, previously held by Robbie Fowler in 1994. He concluded the season with 10 goals and 32 appearances in all the competitions making this season a success for him.
  • On 2 January 2016, he was once again dropped from the starting line-up due to turning up late for the pre-match meeting again.

Sadio Mané Southampton
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  • Mané signed a contract with Liverpool in 2016 for a total of 5 years worth £34 million making him the most expensive African player ever. 
  • He made his Premier League debut for Liverpool on 14 August, scoring the winning goal against Arsenal.
  • On 20 April 2017 after a successful season, he was named in the PFA Team of the year after scoring a whooping 13 league goals in his first season with the new team,i.e., Liverpool.
  • He was later on awarded the Liverpool Player of the Season award on May 9 2017.
  • In May 2018, during the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final against Real Madrid, Mané scored an equalizing goal in a 3-1 defeat. With this score he became the first Senagalese player to score in the final of the competition. Moreover, his goal was also his 10th for the competition making Liverpool the first team in history to have three players score more than 10 goals in a single Champions League season. 
  • On 7 January 2020, he became the second Sengalese footballer to be awarded with th eCAF African Footballer of the Year. 
  • Within 2021, itself he scored the 100th goal for Liverpool as well as his 100th Premier League goal making him the third African footballer to score 100 or more goals in the Premier League.

Sadio Mané Liverpool
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Sadio Mane International Career:

Mané started his international career by being a part of the Senegal team in the 2012 Olympic Tournament, where they advanced to the quarter-finals before losing to Mexico. He was ruled out of the squad for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations after suffering from a calf injury during a match against Arsenal. In 2017 he represented the country in the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, wherein they had a quarter-final clash against Cameroon and were eliminated from the tournament after a loss. In the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations Mané played an important role leading to Senegal’s victory and was named the Player of the tournament in the competition. 

Sadio Mané
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Personal Life:

Sadio Mane Family 

Sadio Mané was born on 10 April, 1992 to Satou Toure(mother) and his father whose name has never been mentioned (and died when he was 7 years old) in Sédhiou, Senegal. It is reported that he lived with his uncle’s family since his parents already had a lot of children and could not support the family financially. The 2002 World Cup wherein the Senegal team performed exceptionally motivated him to pursue a career in football. It is also said that his father was an imam and prohibited him from pursuing any sport for that matter. His family too being devout Muslim took a long period of time to accept his career as a footballer, however, he still persisted and continued to make a career in football. 

 Sadio Mane Relationships 

According to reports, Sadio Mané is rumored to be dating Melissa Reddy who is a South African journalist and author and is currently working as a sports journalist for the media house Independent. They are reportedly in a long-term relationship. However, any other past relationships are not known to the public as of now.

Along with his immaculate skills Sadio Mané is also known for his charity work and contributing to the development of his country. Some instances of his work are follows:-

  • Donated £500,000 for a hospital to be built in his home village of Bambali
  • Donated £41,000 to the Senegal government when the pandemic hit
  • Donated £250,000 for a new secondary school in Bambli
  • Gifted 300 Liverpool shirts to people in his home village

He also received the France Football’s Inaugural Socrates Award in recognition of his charity work.
Sadio Mane Health:

Sadio Mané has faced a variety of injuries throughout his career, with his longest being a knee injury that he suffered in the season of 2016-17, that took him a total of 87 days to recover from. 
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