The Full form of VIP is Very Important Person. A VIP is a person who is given special powers and privileges due to his importance or status. Example of VIPs include heads of state, heads of government, celebrities, high rollers, major employers, high-level corporate officers, politicians, wealthy individuals, or any other notable person of the society who receives special treatment for any reason.

The special treatment usually involves a higher level of service or comfort, and separation from common people. In some cases with respect to VIP, such as with tickets, it may be used as a title to show a premium class. VIP tickets can be purchased usually by anyone, but it still means separation from other people, own security checks etc. The term VVIP which means Very Very Important Person is also used especially for the VIPs who are accorded very high rank or spending power.

It is used especially in such cases when anyone can buy VIP service or treatment, to distinguish customers with especially high requirements. VIPs are generally treated as being more important than a common person, whereas a VVIP is a person who is specially treated as being even more important than a VIP.