Taxpayer Identification Number

TIN Full Form – What is the Full form of TIN? 

TIN Full Form – Taxpayer Identification Number or TIN is an identification Number. It is used in various countries for the tax system. In the USA TIN is also known as Federal Taxpayer Identification Number. A TIN can be obtained from either the Social Security Administration or from the Internal Revenue Service. A TIN can be either of the following – SSN, ITIN, EIN or PTIN. In India, TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number is an 11 digit numeric code which is mandatory for traders or dealers who participate in transactions which attract VAT. All businesses which participate in interstate trade are expected to have a TIN. A TIN is often called the VAT Number or Sales Tax Number and individuals should not confuse these terms. TIN is issued by the Commercial Tax department of the state and the penalties vary from state to state. It is provided by the IT department to all the business entities willing to register under VAT or CST.