The Full form of OECD is Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. It is an intergovernmental economic organization with 36 member countries. Established in 1961, its function is to promote world trade and economic growth. Its member countries are committed to the market economy and democracy and collectively provide a platform to resolve common issues, compare policy experiences, identify transparent and good practices, and coordinate their domestic and international policies.

Most of the OECD members are largest economies of the world with a very high HDI (Human Development Index): India, South Africa, Brazil, China, and Indonesia. These countries participate in the policy discussions in OECD Committees, OECD daily work, regular OECD surveys, and more. The ambassadors represented the member countries, who are also a part of the Council of OECD, monitors and advises on OECD work as described in the OECD Convention. To become a member of OECD is not an easy task for a country.

A country is required to adhere to the values and mission of OECD, who wants to become its member and should be able to take on the requirements and responsibilities of the active membership. Furthermore, OECD also hosts the SWAC (Sahel and West Africa Club). It is an international platform that aims to promote the social and economic well-being of people in the Sahel and West Africa.