north atlantic treaty organization  

Full form of NATO

NATO Full Form – The Full form of NATO is North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is a military and political alliance of 28 countries globally. The organization was formed to safeguard the security and freedom of its member countries. The organization has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. It was established on 4th April 1949. The purpose of NATO is collective defence which means that an attack on any of its member countries will be considered an attack on all allies.


The member states of NATO are: Bulgaria, Albania, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Turkey, and United States. The United States had the largest number of military personnel in 2019 out of all NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries, with 1.34 million troops. check out the latest List of NATO countries


The country with the 2nd largest number of military personnel was Turkey, with 4.35 lac troops. The NATO’s primary goal is to secure and protect the freedom of all of its member countries. But, with the changing face of war in recent years, it has to expand its purpose and it has decided that it will also protect and secure the member countries from cyber attacks, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction.


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