What is the Full form of HSBC? HSBC Full Form in Banking

HSBC Full FormHongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation or HSBC is the Hong Kong subsidiary of the multinational bank named HSCB Holdings, a British multinational investment bank. It is the largest bank in Hong Kong. Its branches, which can be found throughout the Indo-Pacific region, are operated by HSBC

It issues banknotes in Hong Kong dollar, and is one of the three commercial banks licensed by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to do so. It was established in British Hong Kong in the year 1865 with its original name as The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.


It was next year, 1866, when it acquired the name Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation or HSBC. It was again renamed as Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited in 1989. It is the founding member of the HSBC Group of Banks. It provides many banking facilities like commercial banking, retail banking, private banking, global banking and much more.

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