The full form of BTC is Basic Training Certificate. Suppose if you complete a Basic course in any language or Computers, you would get a BTC after its completion.BTC is a ticker symbol for the Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which was invented by Satoshi Nakamato in 2008. It is decentralized digital currency which does not have a single administrator or even a central bank. It can be sent from user to user with the help of peer-to-peer bitcoin network. Currently, it is banned in India and its trading could even lead to a jail term. Bitcoins are created in the form of rewards for a process known as mining. Currently there are over two million people who own this currency. One can exchange Bitcoin for the other services, products and currencies. Several lawmakers have criticized the use of Bitcoins due to its high usage in illegal transactions, high-level thefts, high consumption of electricity, etc. Even though several Investigation agencies have alerted the investors regarding the usage of Bitcoin, still it being regularly used as investment.