JNV Selection Test 2020 Eligibility Criteria

JNVST 2020 Eligibility Criteria for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

For all Candidates:

  1. Only the candidates from the district concerned where the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya has been opened are eligible to apply for admission. However, if the district where JNV is opened is bifurcated at a later date, the old boundaries of the district are considered for the purpose of eligibility for admission into JNVST, in case a new Vidyalaya has not started in the newly bifurcated district as yet.
  2. A candidate seeking admission must not have been born before 01-05-2007 and after 30-04-2011 (Both days are inclusive). This will apply to candidates of all categories, including those who belong to the SC/ST. In case of doubtful cases of overage in comparison to the age recorded in the certificate, they may be referred to the Medical Board for confirmation of the age. The decision of the medical board will be treated as final.
  3. A candidate appearing for the selection test must be studying in Class-V for the whole of the academic session 2019-20 in a Govt. /Govt. Aided or other recognized schools or "B‟ certificate competency course of National Institute of Open Schooling in the same district where he/she is seeking admission.
  4. A school will be deemed recognized if it is declared so by the Govt. or by any other agency authorized on behalf of Govt. Schools where students have obtained "B" certificate under National Institute of Open Schooling should have accreditation of NIOS.
  5. A candidate must successfully complete Class-V in the session 2019-20. Actual admission in Class-VI for the session 2020-21 will be subject to the mentioned condition.
  6. A candidate claiming admission under rural quota must have studied and passed classes III, IV and V from a Govt. /Govt. aided/recognized school spending one full academic session each year in a school located in rural area.
  7. Candidates who will be passing "B" certificate competency course of National Institute of Open Schooling on or before 30th September 2019 are also eligible to write admission test provided they are in the prescribed age group.
  8. A Candidate who has not been promoted and admitted to Class-V before 15th September 2019 is not eligible to apply.
  9. No candidate is eligible to appear in the selection test for the second time, under any circumstances.


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For Rural Candidates

  1. At least 75% of the seats in a district will be filled by candidates selected from rural areas and remaining seats will be filled from the urban areas of the district.
  2. A candidate seeking admission under the rural quota must have studied in Classes-III, IV and V completing full academic session from the Government/ Govt. Aided/Govt. recognized school(s) located in rural areas
  3. However, the candidate should study full academic session in Class-V from the same district where admission is sought


For Urban Candidates

  1. A candidate who has studied in a school located in an urban area even for a single day of session in Class-III, IV and V will be considered as an urban candidate. Urban areas are those which are so defined in 2011 census or through a subsequent Govt. notification. All other areas will be considered as rural.


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For Transgender Candidates

  1. No separate reservation for transgender category candidates is provided and they will be included in Boys category for reservation purpose, under various sub-categories such as Rural, Urban, SC, ST and Divyang


Reservation of Seats

  1. At least 75% of the seats in a district are filled by candidates selected from rural areas and remaining seats are filled from urban areas of the district
  2. Reservation of seats in favour of children belonging to SC/ST is provided in proportion to their population in the district concerned provided that in no district, such reservation will be less than the national average (15% for SC & 7.5% for ST) but subject to maximum of 50% for both the categories (SC & ST) taken together
  3. These reservations are interchangeable and over and above the candidates selected under open merit
  4. One third of the total seats are filled up by girls

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